Flagger Fabrications: Fakes in Pensacola

On Christmas Eve the Pensacola Flagger held a second flagging outside “the old Escambia County Courthouse.” She wants you believe that her numbers doubled, which is not all that hard, seeing as she alone attended her first flagging event. Here’s her fellow Flagger:

“I was joined by a visitor, an experienced flagger, from out of town (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Captain Kirk!) and he was impressed by the friendliness of the people.” So says the Pensacola Flagger.

Of course, this is because the “Flagger” in question at best does not want to reveal his identity (come to think of it, there are no pictures of the Pensacola Flagger actually flagging, either … just pictures of her walker, calling to mind Garry Trudeau’s use of symbols to represent people in Doonesbury).

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Connie Chastain, Plagiarist? A Pensacola Flagger Fail

A few days ago the Pensacola Flagger decided to lecture Jimmy Dick on Confederate history and heritage by telling him about the Confederate Battle Flag that used to fly at the Pensacola Bay Center.

(For a better history lesson, click here.)

Without benefit of historical documentation, the Pensacola Flagger claimed that the flag might have flown to honor the service of the 2nd Florida Infantry and its colonel, George T. Ward. Readers will recall that at times the Pensacola Flagger goes by the names of C. L. Ward and Connie Chastain Ward, which might help explain why she selected this particular regiment and its commander while giving short shrift to the service of other Florida units in the Army of Northern Virginia. Apparently their service and sacrifice doesn’t count in the mind or heart of the Pensacola Flagger.

This is what she said:

Connie plagiarism

Note the [3].

I thought the wording of this explanation was a little odd.  “Battleflag” is not one word in this context of “the Confederate Battle Flag,” and “lost his life to a shotgun wound” was a curious way to put it. Why was the “s” in “siege” capitalized?  And then there was the [3].

Mystery solved. The Pensacola Flagger simply lifted part of the second and all of the third sentence, word-for-word, from Wikipedia:

Connie Plagiarism 2

This, folks, is from a person who brags about her literary skills and how hard she finds it to write. How hard is it to cut ‘n’ paste from Wikipedia?

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