Proper Flag Etiquette

As our favorite Confederate Heritage Apologists Advocates make their way to Lexington, Virginia, to mark Lee-Jackson Day in their own special way, we would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to remind them that it is important to treat Confederate flags with proper respect.

Take this example from a fellow Flagger group:

Our Miss Connie

While we are pleased to note that Connie Chastain has finally buckled under pressure to offer a picture of her flagging, we are saddened to note that the photographer, Scott Hamilton, laid his flag down so that it touched the ground behind her.

Mr. Hamilton’s flag looks a bit like this:

SH Flag

Don’t put that flag on the ground, Mr. Hamilton. It’s disrespectful. Just like sitting on the flag is disrespectful:

Roden Sits on Confederate Flag

So is using the flag for a bandana for a dog:

CSA Dog 2

Be proud of your flag, and make sure you display the flag that Robert E. Lee often saw … like in these two photographs, taken at Lee’s headquarters in Gettysburg:

Gettysburg 2014-15


Gettysburg 2014-14Always good to see graduates of two of Virginia’s other universities paying tribute to the past president of Washington College.

Finally, please keep in mind that General Lee himself would be chagrined to see the continued display of the Confederate flag. That’s an odd way to honor him by defying his wishes.

Kevin Levin offers a different perspective. However, I don’t think military orders concerning the wearing of Confederate uniforms, etc., issed in the immediate aftermath of the war would have applied to a Virginia operating under civil rule in 1870.

A tip of the hat to Don Shaffer.