Quote of the Week: January 11-17, 2015

Now this is funny:

Chastain Whines Anew

Bless her little dark heart!

The entire Confederate Heritage enterprise as practiced by certain groups rests upon the claim that people can believe what they want to believe (which is rather obvious) but that does not stop certain people from claiming that they know how to interpret history, however badly they do it. Case in point:

Chastain Historian
The major historical inaccuracy here, of course, is that while most people did not go to war to free the slaves, a healthy number of them said that the reason they seceded was to protect slavery. To pretend otherwise is to lie.

By the way, history doesn’t send messages. Maybe someone hears voices.

Not that an inability to be a good historian stops some people:

Oh, that was brought to you by the person who just asserted that she won’t tell you what to believe.

All of this goes to suggest a few things:

  • Either Chastain’s a liar or she just can’t keep track of what she says. Or both. In any case, she’s not to be trusted.
  • Chastain’s a poor excuse for a historian. And yes, she’s claimed that she’s a historian.
  • When Robert E. Lee said that “history teaches us to hope,” he was not thinking of Connie Chastain.

Happy birthday, General Lee. Enjoy MLK Day.