Research Exercise: Where Are the Flags?

Our friends at the Virginia Flaggers recently offered this 1908 photograph of the Old Soldiers Home at Richmond:

VMFA 1908

They also offered this text:

Old Soldiers Home, Richmond Virginia, Circa 1908. Look closely at the photo and you will see Veterans in their wheelchairs on the porch on the right. These men answered the call of Virginia to defend her from invasion. They fought with honor and bravery, and spent the last years of their lives on these grounds, now desecrated by the Commonwealth and the VMFA.

RETURN the flags!
RESTORE the honor!

For the flags to be returned, they must be visible in the first place. Could someone show me where there’s a Confederate flag in this photograph?

Indeed, let’s ask: where’s an image of the Confederate flag flying from the portico of the War Memorial Chapel before 1993? Anyone? Bueller?

(Substitute “Hathaway” and the effect is the same.)

No, showing me Confederate flags flying elsewhere on the grounds won’t do, folks. Show me the War Memorial Chapel with flags flying from the building itself … prior to 1993.


7 thoughts on “Research Exercise: Where Are the Flags?

  1. Spelunker March 25, 2015 / 10:37 am

    I am having quite the difficult time locating any historical images of the site that show any CBF’s being displayed.

    I think Tripp Lewis could possibly help us with this. He has noted that the site was desecrated due to the removal of the flags. He may be able to enlighten us with the history of said flags.

    Did you also know that you can be arrested simply for bringing a CBF on the grounds?

    • Andy Hall March 25, 2015 / 12:37 pm

      Well, you can get arrested if you remain on the VMFA grounds after being ordered off by security, or if you come back onto the grounds after being ordered not to. It’s called “trespass after having been forbidden to do so” (Code of Virginia § 18.2-119), and it’s a serious misdemeanor in the Commonwealth. What object one happens to be carrying at the time is irrelevant to the charge itself.

      • Spelunker March 25, 2015 / 5:06 pm

        That makes more sense, at least to a rational person who doesn’t live in a fantasy world.

  2. Rosemary March 26, 2015 / 2:51 pm

    No clue re flags or no flags.
    I am taken with the architecture which is homey and kinda classy. I am glad vets had nice place. Hope it was good inside, too

    • Rosemary March 26, 2015 / 2:53 pm

      ok. now someone is going to slam-reply my taste. wanna bet?

  3. OhioGuy March 26, 2015 / 3:45 pm

    Well, having just visited the Museum of the Confederacy, I can confirm that the CBF is not flying in front of the building, but they do have a version of the Stars and Bars out front. You can buy CBFs at their gift shop, if you so desire. And, inside, they have many, many, many displays of wartime CBFs. It’s a very impressive museum, which is run by a very professional staff. What probably angers the flaggers more than anything is that they no longer present the Lost Cause mythology in their interpretation of either the causes of the war or the conduct of the war. They actually seemed to be trying very hard to present history with integrity and to be as accurate as possible. I noticed a few editorial comments that showed some bias, such as referring in one display to “Sherman’s infamous March to the Sea . . .” However, in total it was objective and well presented history. I had interesting discussions with both the senior curator and the director of public relations while there. I pointed out an error in a video segment on the Emancipation Proclamation. They seemed anxious to make the necessary correction. Being open to this kind of correction, to me, shows intellectual integrity. Something that I haven’t noticed in abundance among flaggers. [The video said that the EP freed slaves only in Union occupied areas of the rebelling states. With rare exception, these areas were expressly exempted from the EP because they were considered no longer to be “in rebellion.” In general, the EP only freed slaves in areas still in rebellion and, therefore, still in CSA control. Lincoln purposely, though, did not exempt a few areas under Union control, such as the Hilton Head Island-Beaufort corridor, thus freeing the slaves in those areas, which was actually just legal recognition for what had already taken place in November 1861.]

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