Are the Virginia Flaggers Now Irrelevant?

Today the Virginia Flaggers will dedicate yet another flagpole bearing the Confederate navy jack, this time along I-81 near Lexington, Virginia.

How many people really care? I know I don’t.

Of more interest to me is the notion that despite over forty-two months of picketing the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, complete with many, many pictures of Flaggers posing for effect (and a few embarrassing videos involving law enforcement and security), it appears unlikely that the VMFA will heed the cries of “Restore the Honor (sic)! Return the Flags (sic)!” directed at the decision to remove two small Confederate flags from the portico of the War Memorial Chapel. Forty-two months for two flags. Nor does it seem likely that the SCV chapter in question will decline to sign the agreement offered by the VMFA, which renders them complicit in the decision (note that the national organization of the SCV remains silent about the approaching lease renewal).

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