A Happy Ulysses S. Grant

No one–not even Abraham Lincoln–could have been happier with the events of April 2 and 3, 1865 than Ulysses S. Grant. Characteristically, however, he did little to show it. But excepts from two letters offer a hint as to his inner joy and his pride in the men under his command (and make no mistake about it–these armies were now his).

April 2, 1865–to Julia Dent Grant

Altogether this has been one of the greatest victories of the war. Greatest because it is over what the rebels have always regarded as their most invincable Army and the one used for the defince of their capitol. We may have some more hard work to do but I hope not.

April 3, 1865–to William T. Sherman

This Army has now won a most desicive Victory and followed the enemy. This is all that it ever wanted to make it as good an Army as ever fought a battle. 

More was to come … but much had at last been done.

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