Crossroads Greatest Hits: What’s a Scholar to Do?

Several years have passed since the topic of blacks in Confederate military service was a hot button to push on blogs (it really isn’t any more, although some people are slow to grasp that). Whether one speaks of Confederate slaves or the Black Confederate Myth (or its close cousin, the Myth of the black Confederate) is a matter left to others. Whether professional historians needed to inject themselves in such arguments was nearly as heated a topic as the argument itself. I offered my opinions here and here … and then responded again here. Good times, eh?

One thought on “Crossroads Greatest Hits: What’s a Scholar to Do?

  1. T F Smith June 21, 2015 / 10:15 am

    Black slaves had as much agency as livestock, given the threat of death if they resisted impressment, much less the obvious jeopardy their wives and children would be placed in by resistance. The neo-confess should be acclaiming the loyalty and service of Maggie the Mule, if they were honest about it.

    Are there ANY monuments to the USCTs and loyalists in the world of the BCM myth makers?

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