How Not to Defend Confederate Heritage

Reports out of Virginia (here and here) suggest that somebody claiming to act on behalf of Confederate heritage has decided that the best way to do it is by terrorizing others. Apparently someone or some group, styling themselves “Anonymous CSA,” used social media to threaten three people in Virginia targeted for their supposed hostility to Confederate heritage. Among those threatened was Danville city council member Lawrence Campbell, Jr., who learned of the threats from local police. The police, in turn, were made aware of this threat from the Virginia Fusion Center.

Reports state  the matter is under investigation by federal and state authorities. One sign of its progress was that the social media used to conduct this campaign of intimidation soon disappeared from the platforms upon which the threats originally appeared.

More information as it becomes available …

Southern Honor at Work

So you want to know how to defend Confederate heritage? Well, apparently you start by using social media to denounce the people you deem to be its opponents.

Take South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Once she was celebrated for her defense of the Confederate flag. Confederate heritage advocates loved her. She was living proof that the South was not racist, and that it was a welcoming place. So said Confederate heritage advocates.

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