The Hypocrisy of Connie Chastain (continued)

I found this charming little meme on the hate blog known as Backsass, where it was proudly posted by the (one and only) West Florida Flagger as the first in a series of screeds:

Funny … I saw no such meme for Pensacola, where the same thing happened … people took a Confederate flag down.


Then again, what should we expect from the webmaster of a Confederate heritage group that calls on its fellow travellers to boycott businesses in Lexington, Virginia … unless one wants a hot dog or ice cream after a day trying to change hearts and minds.

The comedy continues. We now await long responses, each one increasingly bitter in tone.

UPDATE: Smarting from being called out on her hypocrisy, Chastain offered this rather weak image as her belated answer to my observation about her double standards:

CC Pensacola Whining

Really, now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Not that it offers a compelling message. After all, the best answer is … “Or what?”

But it’s nice to see that when I speak, Chastain jumps.

How Not to Defend Confederate Heritage (continued)

Last Friday more information appeared about recent efforts by what appears to be a Virginia-based Confederate heritage group to intimidate and harass people they have targeted as enemies of Confederate heritage.

Of especial note is this comment:

State police declined to say who was behind the video. But “we’re aware of the individual or group that produced” it, Geller said.

We note that certain Confederate heritage groups based in Virginia, most notably the Virginia Flaggers, have not said anything about this matter, although the Flaggers rushed to denounce Dylann Roof’s murder of nine black people in South Carolina. Nor has their mouthpiece/webmaster, Connie Chastain Ward, who runs the hate blog Backsass and who brags that she knows things other people don’t know about what the Flaggers are doing. Perhaps the cat’s got her tongue.

Recall that the Flaggers found themselves enmeshed in an embarrassing hoax once before courtesy of Tripp Lewis (see: Rob Walker), who is fond of threatening people and of posting videos. Food for thought. Perhaps the Flaggers’ silence constitutes a tacit endorsement of these tactics. We’ll see what happens now that the people who “monitor” this blog have had a chance to read this.