Susan Hathaway’s Favorite Confederate: Nathan Bedford Forrest

It struck me as interesting that Susan Hathaway once told her followers to emulate Nathan Bedford Forrest. After all, Forrest didn’t care about what happened in Virginia.

That didn’t bother Hathaway. She even travelled to Alabama to express her support for Forrest supporters. She embraces other Forrest supporters, too, much as she likes Michael Hill of the League of the South

Yes, this Michael Hill. You know, the one who would not define wither Karen “slavery is a choice” Cooper or rent-a-Reb H. K. Edgerton as a real southerner. Yup, this Michael Hill.

Now comes a rather pointed essay on the man Hathaway, Hill, and others like … and Hathaway thinks we should emulate.

Go, Susan, go!

PS: Don’t you love the choices Karen Cooper makes? 🙂