Nick Saban Comes Out Against the Confederate Flag

That’s right … the coach of the University of Alabama’s football team, Nick Saban, comes out against the display of the Confederate Battle Flag.

The same University of Alabama where there was this governor named George Wallace who tried to prevent African Americans from attending that university. Governor Wallace was fond of that flag.

Funny, isn’t it, that passionate supporters of both the University of Alabama’s football program and the Confederate flag don’t put those things together? I wonder why they don’t call for a return to the old days of an all-white football team. Even Bear Bryant thought otherwise in his own deliberate way.

But there will always be some people who put bigotry and their mindless embrace of what they pretend is “heritage” above common sens and human decency.

Like this Alabama fan:

CC roll tide

Oh, yes, I’m sure this is all about heritage, not hate. Riiiight.

On Moving and Returning Bodies: The Case of Nathan Bedford and Mary Ann Forrest

By now most readers of this blog have heard about the continuing discussions in Memphis and elsewhere on the fate of the bodies of Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife Mary Ann. Debate over the Forrests, a monument commemorating the general, and the park in which they are currently buried commenced before the Charleston murders, with the name of the park being changed to “Health Sciences Park” (really?) on Union Avenue (that should bring a smile to some faces). In the wake of those murders and the discussions that have ensued, the Memphis City Council took the next step, proposing to remove the Forrests’ bodies and return them to where they were originally buried, a place Forrest himself chose–a Confederate cemetery.

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