The Future of Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain, Georgia, is many things to many people, but one cannot dispute that it is a place that celebrates Confederate heritage. Sometimes the connection might make some people feel uneasy (not so for others). Nor is it the first time the Confederate carvings there have been the subject of controversy. But here we are again, as people discuss what to do with Stone Mountain … if anything.

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The Death of Anthony Hervey

Last weekend, Confederate heritage activist Anthony Hervey died as a result of a car accident in Mississippi. He was returning from a Confederate heritage rally in Birmingham, Alabama, where he was a featured speaker.

With Hervey was Arlene Barnum, who told authorities that the car accident was no accident at all, but was the result of a car chasing Hervey and Barnum.

Mississippi authorities are investigating the accident. Other folks, however, took Barnum’s story and ran with it. Soon there appeared claims that Hervey was murdered, that it was a hate crime, and Hervey was a martyr to Confederate heritage. Others began questioning Barnum’s account.

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