The Death of Anthony Hervey

Last weekend, Confederate heritage activist Anthony Hervey died as a result of a car accident in Mississippi. He was returning from a Confederate heritage rally in Birmingham, Alabama, where he was a featured speaker.

With Hervey was Arlene Barnum, who told authorities that the car accident was no accident at all, but was the result of a car chasing Hervey and Barnum.

Mississippi authorities are investigating the accident. Other folks, however, took Barnum’s story and ran with it. Soon there appeared claims that Hervey was murdered, that it was a hate crime, and Hervey was a martyr to Confederate heritage. Others began questioning Barnum’s account.

It’s interesting to compare the reactions of certain people to Hervey’s death and to what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, just over a month ago.

Even some Confederate heritage advocates, burned by previous experience, advised caution:
AccidentScreenshot(Note: Screeching Connie Chastain said on her hate blog that we would not cover this story. We thought it premature to say anything at this time … just like Chastain [although a commenter here had mentioned it on July 19, whereas Chastain didn’t get around to posting about it until July 22]. In fact, we at first thought Chastain was being reasonable for once. Now we know better. We are left to conclude that Chastain has once more used a tragedy to attack people mindlessly. Perhaps this is the best way for her to evade explaining her silence about other recent issues that are close to the home of her favorites, the Virginia Flaggers.)

So now we have multiple stories. First, what happened on that Mississippi highway? Second, what do the assessments of Hervey’s death say about divisions within the Confederate heritage movement and its fellow movements, white supremacy and southern separatism/nationalism? It’s easy to set aside the claim of black Confederate soldier ancestry by Hervey and Barnum as far less important.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: For an example of Chastain’s reasons for restraint, I offer this:

Courtesy Restoring the Honor

I wonder when we’ll see that on Backsass … hmmmm?

65 thoughts on “The Death of Anthony Hervey

  1. Bob Nelson July 22, 2015 / 2:38 pm

    I wonder what some of these folks would have said if Hervey had been a white man? Sad to contemplate but true.

  2. The Lamp July 22, 2015 / 2:47 pm

    There is a lot of inconsistencies in Arlene’s “murder mystery” story. Daryle and I have decided not to touch it, while Defending the Honor blog is just posting the up dates and screens of the hysteria around the heritage echo chamber.

    We will do our write up after the police report, which is supposed to come out tomorrow or the next day in the form of a press release.

    I will say this, the police are referring to it as an “accident investigation” not a “murder investigation”.

    There are mixed reports questioning if Arlene told the police the same story she told her FB and twitter audience.

    What I find disturbing is the Rovian propaganda around this situation and how it is being used by every parasite in the heritage movement for attention and grifting funds.

    I actually respect Connie for her FB comments (of course her blog comments are from the evil Connie) it is reckless and poor journalism for anyone to report heresy from a heritage carny act as factual.

    Waiting for the police report!

    • Brooks D. Simpson July 22, 2015 / 3:11 pm

      It is perverse of Chastain to chide someone else for being responsible. What a crazy, angry person she is.

      • The Lamp July 22, 2015 / 3:22 pm

        Yeah, I know, but I do have to give her props for a few seconds of actual level headed thinking. Maybe the positive reinforcement will have an effect..?..nah…probably not…

        • Brooks D. Simpson July 22, 2015 / 3:40 pm

          So you think Chastain is capable of sustained rational thought? In her own words …

          • The Lamp July 22, 2015 / 5:19 pm

            I never said sustainable I just mentioned a slight moment…

          • Brooks D. Simpson July 22, 2015 / 5:59 pm

            Even a blind squirrel … even a broken clock …

    • Brad Griffin July 22, 2015 / 4:07 pm

      Isn’t it rich how those who believed in “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” now present themselves as opponents of “reckless and poor journalism”? Wasn’t it just a few months ago that these same people were insisting that Freddie Gray was murdered by racist cops in Baltimore>

      • The Lamp July 22, 2015 / 4:41 pm

        Isn’t it rich that Brad can take an apple and say it’s an orange and thinks that if he says it enough the echo chamber will make it real.

        • Brad Griffin July 23, 2015 / 11:34 am

          It was obvious from Day One in Ferguson that Dorian Johnson was a liar.

  3. khepera420 July 22, 2015 / 3:03 pm

    What I find most odd about this story is the idea that someone who had just been in an accident, which caused their vehicle to overturn, had the presence of mind to post twice to Facebook immediately after.

    • The Lamp July 22, 2015 / 3:20 pm

      I totally agree! I have my own theories about this, but I will refrain until the police report comes out. There are a lot of inconsistencies and twisted conspiracy around this.

    • Brooks D. Simpson July 22, 2015 / 3:45 pm

      The explanation given is that the person in question did not know how to make an emergency call on her cell phone (which have shortcuts to dial without completing a password). One might ask what was so difficult about dialing 911.

  4. Brad Griffin July 22, 2015 / 4:03 pm

    Over the years, I have successfully called the Spokane bombing, Glenn Miller in Kansas City, and Dylann Roof in Charleston, and most recently the jihadist Abdulazeez in Chattanooga, as well as Trayvon Martin in Sanford and Michael Brown in Ferguson.

    I feel pretty confident that Barnum’s story will check out. The only time I was wrong was when Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Tuscon and it turned out to be a schizophrenic nut and not a shooting that was politically motivated.

  5. Brad Griffin July 22, 2015 / 4:09 pm

    I won’t even bother to point out here the incredible leaps of logic it would take to believe that this was somehow “staged” or was a “hoax.”

  6. Sandi Saunders July 22, 2015 / 4:12 pm

    Such a strange story and the aftermath proves the lunacy we have all witnessed is always just a banked fire, never doused. They are victims, they are oppressed, they are hated for no good reason by ignorant people…yada yada yada. Yet when they stalk, when they threaten, when they lash out it should be accepted. It is like reading comments from unmedicated manic people. How this nation will survive with so many of such people truly worries me. I am thankful I do not have grandchildren.

  7. Brad Griffin July 22, 2015 / 4:40 pm

    Why is it a strange story?

    I’ve only seen Anthony Hervey twice: the first time was last year in Oxford, and the second time was the day before he died in Birmingham. Both times I personally witnessed other irate blacks yelling at Hervey and HK Edgerton and calling them “Uncle Tom” in a menacing tone.

    Why is it so hard to believe that other blacks would respond negatively and violently to a pro-Southern black man who was such a well known ardent supporter of the Confederate Flag? Just a few days ago, a black male in Ocala, FL opened fire on a pro-Confederate flag parade, and we have seen at least three black-on-white beatings on YouTube (two in Columbia, one in Texas) in the last two months over the Confederate Battle Flag.

    • Jim July 22, 2015 / 5:28 pm

      One detail is that Hervey stopped at a convenience store 180 miles from Birmingham to get fried chicken and was allegedly followed after that stop. Suggest Oxford problems not Birmingham . Who gets chicken from convenience store? Was there a confrontation at the store. Did Hervey who just started driving an unfamiliar vehicle sideswipe someone, forget to pay or buy something he shouldn’t. Waiting on that report.

      BTW that Birmingham rally was a bust with less than 200 there after the organizer promised 2000.

      • Brad Griffin July 23, 2015 / 11:36 am

        Well, let’s see.

        Just about everyone in the South. There are all kinds of convenience stories that sell fried chicken around here in Alabama along with fried fish, sausage biscuits, BBQ sandwiches, etc. in fact, the closest convenience store to my house sells it.

        • Jim July 23, 2015 / 1:14 pm

          I live in Alabama so be careful of your claims. Most convenience stores I know offer stuff off a steam roller and microwavable fare.
          I know of a truck stop, store and KFC combo and several truck stops with co-located restaurants. In any case I’ve pull up where the accident happened and can back track to see what is possibilities.

        • Rob Baker July 23, 2015 / 6:00 pm

          Yea, not everyone in the South buys fried chicken at a gas station. That’s a poor generalization.

    • The Lamp July 22, 2015 / 8:50 pm

      Brad, hypothetically, what are you going to do if the police find no evidence of a silver car and that the whole ordeal was just a fluke road accident?

      It’s become obvious that facts are not a priority for you, but are you going to jump further down the rabbit hole, John de Nugent style, and claim black leftist chemtrails and space aliens are killing off heritage carny acts that nobody, aside from your Jerry Springer crowd, even knows or cares about?

      I feel bad that this man was killed in a road accident, but from what I read he was involved with some other con games in the past; that does not warrant joyful occasion that he is dead.

      Barnum’s story changes day by day. I’m sure the Barbee machine is going to milk it till it is, most likely, debunked and is not going to match up with the facts of the investigation.

      To be honest, I have a hard time believing and trusting a woman who would rather post on FB and twitter than call 911 when her friend is dying in a ditch, but this is probably ok with your people as ling as there is a story you can use to push new fangled Southern Strategy political propaganda.

      Comparing a reckless driving accident to Zimmerman and cops shooting down young men is pathetic and not even worthy of being called Rovian.

      KKKst is still not Kst.

      • Brad Griffin July 23, 2015 / 11:47 am

        A fluke road accident?

        Who suddenly loses control of a vehicle on a four lane highway on a bright summer day in perfect weather, crosses the median, crosses the other lane of traffic, and crashes into an embankment, flips their vehicle and ends up dead?

        What exactly do you suppose was the motive here? Was Anthony Hervey trying to commit suicide? Did Arlene Barnum kill Hervey, roll the dice on her own life, and destroy her own vehicle for the sake of pinning it all on five random black people in Mississippi? Was this a stage controlled accident complete with “crisis actors”?

        The only reason someone would reflexively swerve off the road that dramatically would be to avoid a collision with a nearby object … perhaps a deer, a cow on the loose, or another vehicle that appeared to be getting too close, which is what happened here.

        Do you know who you sound like? Honestly, you sound like the nuts in my comment section who are always sounding off about “false flags” every single time something tragic happens in the news that is damaging to their political worldview. It’s really not that surprising given the fact that you were credulous enough to believe that Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray were all murdered. Hell, you believed Dorian Johnson!

        • Brooks D. Simpson July 23, 2015 / 11:52 am

          Maybe. That’s why it’s a good idea to await additional investigation. I’ve reached no conclusions. Have you?

        • Jim July 23, 2015 / 3:19 pm

          Anthony was in an unfamiliar vehicle, SUVs can be difficult to handle, at a high rate of speed, maybe eating greasy fried chicken panicked by an oncoming car whose purpose is known, but Anthony chose to yell back at them distracting him.

          Click to access 811232.pdf

          Nationwide, 57 percent of motor vehicle deaths in 2013 occurred in single-vehicle crashes.

          In 2013 Mississippi had 393 single vehicle deaths 64% of all vehicle deaths.

          • Jim July 23, 2015 / 3:21 pm

            Should read purpose not known.

      • Brooks D. Simpson July 23, 2015 / 11:42 am

        Gee, where’s Connie Chastain on this? Why is her hate blog Backsass silent on this issue? You would think she’d be paying attention … 🙂

        • Brad Griffin July 23, 2015 / 11:48 am

          MHP only said the accident happened as it was described and that there was no physical evidence that a collision had occurred with a second vehicle.

          • Brooks D. Simpson July 23, 2015 / 11:51 am

            I can read, Brad. And you can post. I’m just looking for Chastain’s response. I like to be amused.

          • Rblee22468 July 23, 2015 / 12:00 pm

            Actually, let’s be accurate Brad, it says “possible” second vehicle.

          • The Lamp July 23, 2015 / 1:15 pm

            Brad, the conspiracy theory is falling apart. I think Arlene’s 15 minutes are about up until the next grifter charade.

            BTW- I don’t believe her real name is Arlene, I think that is her middle name….

  8. Jim July 23, 2015 / 6:11 am

    Has anyone debunked the Black Confederate James Hervey, Anthony Hervey’s supposed ancestor?

    • Leo July 23, 2015 / 12:34 pm

      He says his ancestor “rode with Forrest”.

      • Jim July 23, 2015 / 5:13 pm

        Is that not Edgerton that says that.

    • Brooks D. Simpson July 23, 2015 / 11:44 am

      We expect full coverage of this from the sources that claim otherwise … and, of course, Backsass, which has been silent about this. I’m waiting for the excuse (because for someone who monitors this blog, and who’s posting garbage today, this news item seems to have escaped our Miz Connie’s attention … wonder why …) 🙂

  9. Leo July 23, 2015 / 12:31 pm

    You should be here on ground zero. I have seen some social media rants saying the Mississippi Highway Patrol murdered him and others saying the Black Panthers did it. All the local “save the flag” groups here are milking this story for all it is worth, but I will wait for the official report from the MHP before offering an opinion.

    The only interesting snippet of information comes from the July 21 Oxford Eagle (page 5). According to the article, witnesses said Anthony was driving erratically and there is no mention of a car chase in the article.

    The MHP should be releasing a statement within the next 7 days.

    I actually knew Anthony. His larger political message (libertarian) got lost in all the confederate theatrics. Most people in town regarded him as a harmless oddity. The university finally had to ban him from campus for creating disturbances and starting fights. Anthony changes tactics after that and just sat harmlessly in the town square holding signs and waving his flag. He did get into a fight with another black man a year or so ago. As I recall, Anthony was waving a hangman’s noose over his head and tossing it out into the street as if her were fishing for something.

  10. Leo July 23, 2015 / 12:38 pm

    Okay, just saw the press release from the MHP posted above and another on local media.

    No evidence of a second car involved in the wreck.

  11. Leo July 23, 2015 / 12:50 pm

    Here is my two cents.

    I know the road where Anthony had the wreck and have traveled it quite often. It is a stretch of road between Tupelo and Oxford and it is a well know for speeders. People are in a hurry to get back to town from trips to Tupelo or Birmingham and tend to punch the pedal a bit had on they highway. I have done it myself.

    It seems obvious to me Anthony was speeding and behind the wheel of a car he was not very familiar with driving. He was driving erratically as witnesses reported and simply lost control. It is unfortunate and sad he died in the wreck.

    As for the passenger, I assume she panicked after the wreck, or was not thinking clearly. Her statements about the black men running them off the road were either the result of shock after the wreck or an attempt oh her part to be a heroic victim.

    • The Lamp July 23, 2015 / 3:30 pm

      I honestly think Juliette Barnum, her real name btw, is more concerned with getting attention and playing with the propagandists like Jonathan Barbee. I would like to know if they still are going to investigate her and why she concocted these claims and why her story keeps changing.

      • Leo July 23, 2015 / 4:47 pm
        • The Lamp July 24, 2015 / 7:24 am

          Responsible journalism would wait for the proof, not base facts on a story told by a woman who was hosting NAACP Juneteenth events in 2013 and only two years later is playing the Auntie Ruckus role. There are also media outlets that are claiming Black Panthers were involve when there has been no evidence to support this claim either.

          • Leo July 24, 2015 / 7:47 am

            There are several elements to her story that I find troubling.

          • Leo July 24, 2015 / 8:12 am

            I recall coming upon a webpage a few years ago about Anthony some European man put up warning people to stay away from Anthony because is was a conman. I think the man who made the page is from Norway or some other Scandinavian country. Anyway, it was rather amusing, but I can’t find it now. However, I did find this:

            Anthony did spend time in prison for student load fraud, so I’m sure the warning from the European man is legit.

            Anthony also had a clash of sorts from a group called the 37th Texas Calvary. This was several years ago and they had a well detailed webpage documenting Anthony as a con. I believe it had something to do with money for a “Black confederate Monument”.

            The woman who was in the car with Anthony is sure to get more scrutiny. I’m not investigative journalist, but I can’t help but wonder about her facebook posts about the crash. Something just isn’t right.

          • The Lamp July 24, 2015 / 9:23 am

            I think he was a con, sad to say about the dead but fact. I think Juliette is a bird of a feather and a good deal of the “heritage/nationalist” crowd. They all remind me of carnies.

          • Leo July 24, 2015 / 8:53 am

            Here is a photo of Anthony at the B’ham rally wearing a baseball cap.

            This is a quote from the Loval Voice article, “Barnum later told the Associated Press that they had “stopped at a convenience store, and she remained in the vehicle as he went in. She said Hervey was wearing a Confederate kepi, or military hat. Barnum said soon after they left the store, a car with four or five young black men pulled up near them.”

            Why is Anthony wearing a baseball cap in the rally photo and not a kepi? Wouldn’t it be logical to wear it AT THE RALLY if you are going to have one with you?

            Another question I have is why Barnum had the wherewithal to post on facebook but not call 911? According to the Oxford Eagle, she made her facebook posts an hour and a half after the accident.

            This thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

          • The Lamp July 24, 2015 / 9:22 am

            I agree, and if he got into an argument outside the convenience store there is video surveillance cameras on the outside of those stores.

          • Leo July 24, 2015 / 10:46 am

            I FOUND IT!!!!


            In an amazing display of racism, intolerance, and illiteracy both Anthony Hervey (“President” of the so-called “Black Confederate Soldier Foundation”) and the barely-literate Arthur Baker (white, but position with BCSF unknown)* (see important update below) have attacked 2nd SGT Harrison of the 37th Texas for questioning their activities and their methods. They have labeled him a “fascist” [sic], a “white racist liberal” (!!!), and a “dumb ni**er.”

            In late 1999 the 37th Texas contacted Mr. Hervey and offered our assistance in equipping the “hundreds of Black Confederates” he claimed would be marching through Mississippi. At that time, the 37th was told that the BCSF had “…raised over $100,000.” When the 37th attempted to contact the BCSF again their Email address was no longer valid and all phone numbers listed were reported by the phone company to have been disconnected.

            In October, 2000, at the Annual Fall Military Muster at Beauvoir, Biloxi, Mississippi, the Commanding Officer of the 37th heard Mr. Hervey “speak,” claim poverty, promise a “march of dozens of Black Confederates,” and solicit handouts to sponsor this “march.” One wonders why an organization which has “raised $100,000” would need to literally pass the bucket. Mr. Hervey appeared delighted to meet in-person and reiterated his scheduled march and his need to obtain uniforms.

            Several people have informed the 37th that they traveled the “march route” on the appointed day and saw no one.

            There was a rumor circulated via Email that Mr. Hervey had been the intended victim of an attempted shooting for his activities. When the 37th requested that someone provide a police case number or a copy of a police report there was sudden silence.

            The following excerpts of Email exchanges between the 37th, 2nd SGT Harrison, and Mr. Hervey and Mr. Baker are lengthy, but very enlightening (boldface added by the editor). 2nd SGT Harrison has made his personal feelings quite clear.

            Another Update!
            The following inquiry, sent more than a year ago, has not been answered by Anthony Hervey or the BCSF.

            Subject: A Disturbing Message
            Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 15:43:23 -0600 (CST)
            Fro:m (Marc S. Allen)

            Mr. Hervey,

            I received the attached email from another member of the Lowry Rifles.

            Quite frankly, I’m disturbed and confused by what is alleged to be your responses to Mr. Harrison’s questions. I would appreciate it if you would give an explanation of the discourse between you and Mr. Harrison.

            Additionally, I would appreciate it if you would answer some questions I have about the Black Confederate Soldier’s Foundation.

            How many members does the BCSF have?

            Is the BCSF incorporated?

            Does the BCSF enjoy 501 3(C) status with the IRS?

            Who are the senior officers of the BCSF?

            How does the BCSF raise funds?

            How often does the BSCF issue a financial report?

            How often does the BCSF meet?

            What activities are on the BCSF calendar for the remainder of 2001?

            Are you currently involved in a doctoral studies program?

            I’m sure you are busy, but I believe these questions need answering. Thank you for your attention to them.


            Marc S. Allen
            SCV Camp #1740, The Lowry Rifles

            More Information!
            Subject: anthony hervey
            Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 14:59:46 -0800 (PST)
            From: Zenda Wheelus

            hi, I’m z of Wheel and Sabre, I just got a call from James Sheffield of J&L Woodworks, Mr Hervey wrote him a check in excess of $400 at Florewood Plantation in Greenwood a couple of weeks back, it’s no good. The bank says the account has been closed. I had taken a check on the foundation, also, at West Point but it apparently has cleared. There is only a PO box address on the check and the phone is continually busy. It sounds as if your suspicions are correct.

            Subject: Who the Hell are you!
            Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 04:07:27 -0600
            From: Black Confederate Soldier Foundation

            Many of your people have told me that you are a liberal who waves the flag..On my website I have a essay called pimping your hertiage for the question to you Sir, who the hell are you? Could you be a racist who waves the Confederate Flag..I will pass the this email on to my Lawyer and Another thing I am not a member of the SCV so I do I care about what a what your rumors say …I have weather the storms I get this from other Niggers..

            Remember the Confederacy fought for Independence…My organization is ran soley by Black people …. we answer not to you or your fascist writer…so you reprimand your unite..and by the way have you sold any rifles yet.

            Sir, I ask you not to write me again tend to playing reinactment because there are serious people who are trying to liberate themselves and I am one of them.

            Thank you,

            President of the Black Confederate Soldier Foundation….
            Anthony M. Hervey

            Subject: Re: Who the Hell are you!
            Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 12:08:35 EST
            From: 2nd SGT Harrison

            Fascist Writer?…

            Alrighty now, let’s start this by acting like true men and true Confederates here shall we? The CSA and its warriors were people of honor and duty. They were also a people of great tolerance, which includes religious tolerance. General Robert E. Lee had a Jewish member of his joint chiefs to tend to matters of significance to Jewish Confederate troops. We of the 37th choose to act and LIVE our lives the very ways our ancestors of old did. Are you now going to refer to General Robert E. Lee as a liberal? I surely hope not.

            As for myself, I am a devoted modern day Black Confederate sir. I have spoken at numerous rallies, SCV meetings, and am well respected by a VAST number of League of the South members. I have been told I have a way of reaching the very depth of the hearts and souls of those at these meetings that few others can claim. HOWEVER, I do so not asking for one cent of anyone’s money, short of gas which I use to drive in my own car to go ANYWHERE in the South I am called upon. I am NOT a glory-hound nor a scam artist seeking money to supplement my own income. My thoughts, words, and deeds come directly from my heart. The 37th as a whole has amassed a well researched and scholarly documented web site of historical FACT that has won the praise of liberals AND conservatives, and the History Channel itself. Of course we non longer link to the History Channel in any way whatsoever due to their highly inaccurate portrayal of the beloved CSA. Sir I have been to, and spoken at as many rallies, radio programs and Heritage meetings as you have. All of them tout the honorable work the 37th has done, and the massive and beautiful web site we have produced. While your name and “organization” does get mentioned, it is with much skepticism. These events I refer to include the “Put it Back on the Dome” rally this past January, the SC state League of the South Convention, I recently attended, Southern Party conventions and caucus meetings, and various SCV camp meetings. Very FEW people mention your group and those that do, usually do so with much contempt. We are not they only people that find your “efforts” to be highly suspicious to say the least. Actions speak louder than words sir. If you and your group are legit, than come out and prove it. How about showing your accounting information on the “donations” you have solicited, and prove the money is being used for what you say you are using it for. The Gauntlet has been laid.

            With all of the hard work TRUE Black Confederates like myself, Nelson Winbush, Bobbie Chandler, and the late, but GREAT Eddie Page, you are subverting the great work we all have done and continue to do by generating great mistrust and racial divisiveness between Southerners. All of us work very hard to gain the respect and trust of our fellow Southerners, and your con game comes along, and all of a sudden, I am bombarded with questions about the validity of your organization. However, I know faith and TRUTH always win.

            Never to Proud to be a TRUE Black Confederate!

            2nd Sergeant Bob Harrison, 37th Texas Cavalry, Company B, CSA

            Subject: Please no more Tarzan letters
            Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 06:17:37 -0600
            From: Black Confederate Soldier Foundation
            To: 2nd SGT Harrison

            Mr. Blackrebel,

            Mr. Hervey has a book deal, speaking engagements to attend to he will be appearing on Oprah show and the Larry King Live not to mention he is trying to finish his Ph.D. He told me that he will send you rebels a ticket once the contracts are signed with Oprah and King’s agent we can only send one ticket since we have only ten seats.

            Anthony, want me to tell you sir that he is very proud that you speak at scv camps and that you think that we boys are here adds more excitement to the cause. He is proud of you if he was there he would pat you on your back for a job well done, but better yet he will send you a signed autographed copy of his book

            The End of Ni**erism..he has a chapter called slaves of the Confederacy that you sir would enjoy. Almost forgot! To asked for the account records of a company sound rather petty (sounds like you are a jealous Black man who wants all the white attention..we hope that you do not feel that our organization is moving in on the special negro spot that you have with your white friends in Texas..

            Mr. Hervey also wanted me to rely to you that you should see yourself as an American who is standing up against lies about the Confederacy to see yourself as blackrebel or a black anything is to buy into scientific rascism.(Dr. King fought for an American that was not race based) Let us not fool ourselves there are as many people who wave the flag that are racist. Now Mr. Blackrebel the next time a white man tell you to bark at a person you should find out why you are barking …no intelligent person would come out like you did unless you are trying to impress the good white fokes who are racist who wave the flag. Mr Hervey stated that your letter will be used on his website to and a good source for his future speeches.

            Do not fool yourself with the name Black Confederate Soldier Foundation…we do not see ourselves as Black we see ourselves as Americans who happen to be coined Black by a rascist society [editor’s note – Mr. Baker later calls himself a “so-called white man”!?!]we are christain not black christain..Mr. Hervey is a Sociologist he is not a Black Sociologist. We know if you did not call yourself a black rebel people would not listen to you… Another thing you should see yourself as a Southerner..(You are a racist and you are trying to benefit from it, our organization understand it is all about politics..

            We thank you for protecting your masters …sorry I mean unit and we hope that you do not fall out of the special negro among the good ole white liberal many negroes do. This is why (we) Mr. Hervey refused to join any White ran unit..this is not 1861 Black people have rights they can run companies without the white man dictating to him what to do. It is obvious by your tone..that your boss wrote you to write us…without you investigating or even calling us you attacked..when our organization started up where were your praises we got none from you..but soon as your master say that ni**er ain’t right you sad you sound.

            We know how you feel we had to get rid of about ten negroes with your mindset…Now we would like you to go back to your unit and ask them to make you General or Some one in high command since you prove your loyalty to there confederacy and see what your master sorry I mean Major says tell him you want to be a Major in the unit. Now I do not want you writing us telling us that you do not want to be this and that these are only excuses… or better yet let him be a private.. Also Mr. Hervey want you to join your local militia we believe in bearing arms and go to church pray about your inferioty complex..there is a Book by Franz Fanon called Black Skin White Mask it would help you to understand your actions…

            now you go back to the big house boy and you tell your massus that Tarzan does not work here! Almost forgot to tell you some more good news we are about to recieve a grant to start the first ever Black Southern Museum for a con our organization is doing rather good to end racism, sexism and facism from our society.

            Mr. Blackrebel, we have heard it all before…we have seen the scared negro who does not want to upset the good rascist white fokes in there group because they make you feel special. Sir, we would advise you to start your on unit up…and take is to much racism in those organization like the one you are in. They will tell you how much they admire what you are doing and thank you …hell they will even take you out to dinner let you meet there kids but deep down inside they are still racist who wave the flag. Please get off the plantation…it alright do not be is your constitution rights.. Hell we are even planning for Mr. Hervey to run for Governor of the State of Mississippi…that would be grand the first so called black governor of the Great State of Mississippi now that will show the rest of the world that the South is not what they think…so keep up the good work boy! Mr. Hervey is a great force he is a Christain man who has truth on his side…now he can rather vicious …. so let you not be a victim of a this political game. You know I would not even put it pass that this email was written by the Major himself because I can not beleive that I black man could not be so slavish as to attack another black man because a racist white man is jealous of his Independent. I refuse to believe a negro of today would be that stupid..ole well stupidity has nothing to do with race or gender.

            Signed Arthur Baker,

            by a so called white man who knows how silence racist not be fooled Mr. Blackrebel by the nice smiles and the hand shakes my family taught me how to keep black people in there place…The directness of Mr. Hervey made me see how wrong I was and I have God in my life now I do not answer to anyone except him.. For now on sir if you want to talk or write please address your letters petty jealously in the confederacy we have a big elections to save our state flag here we must put our efforts for this because to answer mail of this sort only takes away from the thousands of emails that says thank you for all that we are doing you know the letters you probably got a few yourself.

            This is war not for the confederacy or white fokes or black fokes it is a war to expose those who are facist and those who are not …you must understand that you will find that your worst enemy is not out there Mr. Blackrebel but rather the enemy within…we must say no the the attitude of white ni**ers and black ni**ers. So please no more Tarzan letters …please wait until after the flag vote.

            Subject: Re: Please no more Tarzan letters
            Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 11:04:34 EST
            From: 2nd SGT Harrison

            Truly Amazing!

            Obviously you and your cohorts have a nice con game going and don’t like being called on the carpet. Your email is filled with racist diatribe yet you refer to my Unit’s CO as a “Master” and “liberal.” This is typical NAACP and Nation of Islam rhetoric designed to keep the races apart. I refer to your comment about my having a “white face” as an example. You are just like several of he black militant preachers of old. You preach Black Pride and yet turn around in the same breath and slyly attend KKK and Nazi rallies as did Malcolm X and Louis Farakahn.

            Obviously your history of the CSA needs some intense work as well. The CSA sir was a true multicultural gathering of folks from virtually all ethnicities. Trying to make the CSA a Black dominated venture is discrimination. You call my unit CO a “master” and claim that I have a “white face?” If you are truly interested in being AMERICAN as opposed to African American, there shouldn’t be a need for so much black militant rhetoric that you pathetically try to shout at me. Sir I am a true Southerner who fights for ALL of the South and not just blacks. The Northern machine we call Reconstruction still reigns over the South today with a heavy weight attached.

            As with Major Michael Kelley, and an ever growing number of Southerners, white AND black, we hold your organization with much suspicion. Your own words through the emails you have sent out, the “fundraising drive” you TRIED to have, his phone number which is always “disconnected,” and his email address which always has returned emails sent to him as well as the very words of Mr. Hervey’s attorney himself, clearly present your “group” as a con game. Sir this is not a shouting match between liberals or conservatives, or blacks and whites. This cause that Southerners are engaged in involves the survival of an entire culture made up of virtually every ethnicity on the planet.

            White Face? I guess Nelson Winbush, Bobbie Chandler, Dr. Edward Smith of American University, Dr. Ervin Jordan of the University of VA, and other black scholars and conservatives like myself have white faces too. I suppose Dr. Lerone Bennet of Ebony magazine who wrote Forced into Glory, revealing Lincoln for what he really was has a white face too. It is clear that anyone who doesn’t fall into your black militant mindset or blindly follow your “organization” either is a black man with a “white face” or is a white “master.” This is not the behavior of a true man, but of a jealous con artist who has been found out for what he really is. If you are a white man as you claim to be, you sure have a strong sense of black nationalist thought within you. The rhetoric about allegedly appearing on Oprah. Mr. Hervey has been saying that for quite sometime now. Talk is cheap. By the way I am sending this email to Mr. Hervey’s attorney as well as to the folks who produce Oprah’s show. Your calculating efforts to TRY and take the money of good hard working Southerners of ALL ethnicities will end.

            2nd Sergeant Bob Harrison, 37th Texas Cavalry, Company B, CSA

            Subject: gonna tell Massus …wees scared
            Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 03:35:19 -0600
            From: Black Confederate Soldier Foundation
            To: 2nd SGT Harrison


            You run on to the Big House and you tell massus that Mr. Hervey is not falling in line with you boys. And then you tell Massus that Mr. Hervey said for Massus to kiss his ass.We have put a block on your email letters so please Mr. Race Relations CSA negro please do not write this organization any more we have no time for your glorifing how many nergo or indians or jews or what every members you have in your organization…see them as god creatures and stop buying into scientific racism..

            I must have touch off a button in you Mr.Negro Confederate or would you like me to call you Black rebel…Its damn good we have a constitution ain’t it boys…Now we are asking you nicly please stop harrassing us…Don’t you have things to do in Texas or your kissing ass contract have came to an end? Now you go back to boss and you tell him that those Negros in Mississippi are not concerned about how many nubians or sorry or should I have said blackrebels you have in your organization but rather that we allievate racism, fascism, and classism. One thing you I must comment you on is that you in your group have been amusing to say the least. Now f**k off! Again we say that a modern man would not write letters to an organization like this one..I am sure that a white racist is writing this letter who is piss off with a few country boys who happen to have a black skin who refuse to play the race relation game …. we know you are a white racist…we know that there are no more Uncle Toms around …..Because no black man would ever attack another black man unless he has proof…we just can not believe it …that is why you never sign your name to the letter [Editor’s note – 2nd SGT harrison always signed his Email to BCSF]…Black rebel my ass you are a white liberal racist who upset with an organization that is head by a black coward racist….we were told to stay away from your organization when you all tried to recruit us (we see why now) Your own white brothers and sister do not like your organization we are in agreemment with all what they told us. How insulting to ask us to join and tell us to take a lowly position in your organization [Note:the 37th has two Black 1st SGTs and one Black 2nd SGT]…slavery does not exist anymore like I said Tarzan does not live here. This shit we make good for Mr. Hervey’s book thanks for the material.

            Arthur Baker,

            Subject: Re: gonna tell Massus …wees scared
            Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 10:02:09 EST
            From: 2nd SGT Harrison


            Your high syntax errors and POOR grammar amuse me. I am indeed a PROUD Black Confederate American, who just happens to work at SC State University, one of the oldest Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the country. It is I who signed his name to EVERY email I have sent you. It is you and your blatant LIE you are promoting that is the true coward. Every member of the 37th has an email links and various other means by which folks may contact us, whether or not they like us. Its funny. When you first sent me your diatribe, you referred to yourself as a “former white man.” Guess the truth comes out afterall. You might to try a little less hiding behind false faces, and do a little more up front honesty for a change. Then people MIGHT actually believe your “organization” is legit.

            This immature temper tantrum has taken way too much of my time, and I will no longer entertain your racist attitudes and behavior. Any more emails sent by you to my email address will be turned over to your email provider for termination of account privileges.

            Black People need TRUE men who seek to bring ALL ethnicities together, and you have made it clear you and your “organization” do not fit the bill.

            Once Again Letting you Know who I am,

            2nd Sergeant Bob Harrison, 37th Texas Cavalry, Company B, CSA

            Date:Thu, 22 Mar 2001 01:22:48 -0600
            From: Black Confederate Soldier Foundation
            Subj: Are you writing us again Mr. Charlie?

            Massus gave you a university boy! What were you to dumb to get into a real university? You dumb fascist you more concern about sentence structure then what is being said. You are the typical educated Negro of Modern America. Keep your eyes on the prize you dumb f**k! I will take away my tax paying money and you will no longer be at that ni**er College you are at… again I reiterate boy go back to the big house and tell your massus that Tarzan does not live here. You made me educated but you lack intelligence you fool.. again you amuse us with your bullshit..

            Mr Hervey will be glad to know that another dumb ni**er from a inferior institution wrote us to tell him …how he should conduct himself around good white folks…

            If you wasn’t so f**king of a coward we might hire you to work for our organization to clean the floors boy!

            Arthur Baker

            The 37th Texas apologizes if the language and opinions contained in the Email from the “gentlemen” of the BCSF or SLRC are offensive to the reader despite our efforts to “asterisk” offensive words, but the true impact and intent of the messages require verbatim quotes.

            As is our policy, we leave it to the reader to make an individual assessment regarding the BCSF or the SLRC.

            Please feel free to contact the 37th directly (Email) or 1st SGT Harrison (Email) if we may be of further assistance.

          • The Lamp July 24, 2015 / 3:28 pm


  12. Leo July 23, 2015 / 2:07 pm

    The above should read, “tend to punch the pedal a bit hard the on the highway.’

    I really dislike commenting via cell phone.

    There are already 3 posts on the WTVA Facebook page calling the wreck a murder or basically rejecting the findings of the MHP report. This is going to continue for a long time. I honestly wish the conspericy folks would just pipe down for the sake of the family.

  13. Brooks D. Simpson July 24, 2015 / 1:15 am

    You know, when it comes to combining stupidity and dishonesty, Connie Chastain takes the cake.

    Screeching Chastain, caught in a lie, is now whining that what she really meant is that no one would dare comment on her call for restraint in the reaching conclusions about Hervey’s death. I guess she didn’t read my post or the comments. Here’s what she now says:

    It is as plain as day that I was talking about my comments, not the news story, because I truncated the story. If I had been talking about that, I would have posted the entire thing, plus a link.


    Yet Chastain has also bragged that she’s blocked my access to her Facebook profile (which would also block my access to her comments on someone else’s page), so there would be no way for me to see what she said until she posted it on her blog.

    You can’t have it both ways, kiddo, and you’ve just revealed that you’re a lying idiot, Ms. Chastain.

    How stupid is she? How dishonest is she? What a dimwit … and what an ideal mouthpiece for the Virginia Flaggers.

    Meanwhile, she’s very, very quiet about evidence that points in the direction of Tripp Lewis as Anonymous CSA. Draw your own conclusions.

    Try harder. I never thought Backsass could get any worse, but it never fails to plumb new depths.

  14. Leo July 24, 2015 / 1:35 pm

    This is from the July 24 Oxford Eagle regarding the accident that killed Mr. Hervey: The complete article is available online with a subscription.

    “… The wreck happened about 11:00 a.m. Sunday on Highway 6 near the Pontotoc/Lafayette county line. … Barnum told MHP troopers that a silver vehicle, occupied by about five black men, followed their vehicle and swerved toward them but did not make contact. An examination of the Explorer by investigators confirmed no contact was made with a second vehicle. Another witness who observed the crash stated she saw the explorer leave the roadway and crash, but could not confirm the presence of another vehicle. MHP was unable to gain any more information about the silver vehicle regarding its make or model and is asking anyone with information to contact MHP. However, Barnum said she feels the MHP isn’t exactly pursuing her claims.

    In a phone interview with the EAGLE Thursday, Barnum said she was “ashamed” at MHP. “A man died,” she said. “I want them to find who caused Mr. Hervey to react the way he did; I don’t like feeling that MHP is brushing this off.” … She let him drive in Mississippi where he was more familiar with roads. She claims she was on her phone when she heard Hervey yell out, “oh, Hell no.” “I looked up and he looked scared,” she said, “I saw the sliver car on his side and they were yelling something. Mr. Hervey sped up to get away. I mean, he put the pedal to the medal. He got on the gas and tried to outrun them.”

    It was at that point Hervey lost control of the vehicle and went left toward the median. He veered back into traffic and then off the right side of the road when the car overturned. “The silver car just took off down the highway after Mr. Hervey went off the road,” she said.

    The two had stopped at a convenience store to get fried chicken. She said there was no confrontation at the gas station. Hervey was wearing a Confederate soldier hat. “I don’t know if it was road rage or if they didn’t mean to make Mr. Hervey swerve.” …


    Here are my questions:

    1. If she let him drive in Mississippi coming back from the rally, did she also let him drive in Mississippi going to the rally?

    2. In this telling of the wreck, the silver car is on the driver side during the entire chase. However, in previous accounts, the silver car is on the passenger side.
    “… Barnum told WREG’s Katie Rufener on Monday, I heard him say, ‘Hell no!’ And he sped up. And this car came up on the passenger side to run him off the road.” …

    “…Not long after they got back onto the road (Highway 6), with Barnum in the passenger seat, checking her Facebook page, she suddenly heard Hervey yell out. She looked over to see a silver or gray car driving alongside them on the highway. Their windows were down, and she could see some “angry-looking black guys” yelling at Hervey. She could not make out what they were saying, as Hervey’s window was not down.
    At this point, Hervey accelerated and left the chasing vehicle behind. Then the pursuers drove around to the passenger side, alongside Barnum. Hervey jerked the Explorer across the road and ran into the ditch. At that point, the silver vehicle sped on, but when Hervey jerked the SUV back onto the road, he overcorrected, and the SUV began to spin. …”

    3. Where is the security video from the gas station?

    4. Why isn’t Mr. Hervey wearing the confederate Kepi in photos taken at the rally. It seems the logical place to wear one.

    5. Witnesses cannot confirm a second car but did see the SUV going off the road and reported him driving erratically according to a July 21 Oxford Eagle story.

    6. Why the sudden criticism of the MHP investigation? I assume it is still open and they did put out a public call for information.

  15. Leo July 24, 2015 / 6:26 pm

    I’m starting to wonder if she was actually driving while on Facebook and dreamed up the story about the silver car to avoid a manslaughter charge in a roadside panic.

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