The Sounds of Susan’s Silence

The silence from Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers about their association with Raymond Agnor and about speculation about the identity of Anonymous CSA is deafening.

We know that Susan Hathaway and Connie Chastain are friends. Heck, Connie’s posted evidence of their exchanges on her blog, where they were agreeing on strategy in light of the death of Anthony Hervey. So we know that if we were off base about either Agnor or Anonymous CSA, we’d hear about it in a series of cackling screeching posts, much like this:

But what has Chastain said about Anonymous CSA?

And what has she said about Raymond Agnor’s association with the Virginia Flaggers?

But then we all know the common reaction to a Backass post:

It appears that Susan Hathaway wants to remain silent in the face of evidence of discrimination against her fellow Virginia Flagger, Karen Cooper. Why she would choose to involve the Flaggers with someone with Mr. Agnor’s views is best left for her to explain.

Then again, we know two ways in which the Virginia Flaggers and the Sons of Confederate Veterans are one and the same:

[1] They both claim they don’t tolerate racism and discrimination based on race.

[2] Neither is telling the truth.

3 thoughts on “The Sounds of Susan’s Silence

  1. Al Mackey July 28, 2015 / 8:43 am

    She’s too busy leading sing-alongs of songs with racist lyrics.

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