Cooter Quits: Ben Jones Resigns as Chief of SCV Heritage Operations

Ben Jones has resigned as chief of heritage operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

SCV Telegraph – Ben Jones Resigns as Chief of Heritage Operations
Ben Jones has served as Chief of Heritage Operations for over a year. During his tenure, he has taken this position to a new level. His professionalism and his ability to deal with the media have broadened our reach as an organization. He has spent countless hours writing press releases, conducting interviews, and being our face to world. While it is disappointing to announce the resignation of Ben Jones as Chief of Heritage Operations due to health reasons, I am encouraged to know that he will continue to serve the SCV as our National Press Secretary. Mr. Jones said, “thank you for giving me the honor and the opportunity to serve our great organization for the past year. It has been a time of great challenges and wonderful fellowship and camaraderie.”
It is my pleasure to announce that Dean Stevens of South Carolina has graciously accepted the position of Chief of Heritage Operations. While I am sure that Mr. Stevens has enormous shoes to fill, I feel he is sufficiently prepared for the job.
Even though we are in turbulent times, this transition will proceed effortlessly.
Please pray for Ben’s health and speedy recovery and pray for wisdom for Dean Stevens.
Deo Vindice!
Charles Kelly Barrow
Sons of Confederate Veterans

As I’ve said before, I like Ben Jones. Although I don’t agree with him, I think he is a fine fellow who showed great courage in reaching out to this blog. I am sorry to see him go and I hope he’ll be able to deal with his health issues. Take care, Ben.

3 thoughts on “Cooter Quits: Ben Jones Resigns as Chief of SCV Heritage Operations

  1. Jimmy Dick July 31, 2015 / 2:38 pm

    I will say best of health to Ben Jones and wish him a full recovery. I have not met him personally, but I think other than disagreeing with him over the SCV and heritage garbage he is probably a likable person. I think he ran right into a barrage of well laid down academic fire when he showed up on Crossroads and found that there is a major difference between what passes for facts in the heritage community (still waiting for them) and the historical community.

    Wonder if Dean Stevens will engage in conversation or just toe the party line while ignoring the facts that contradict what he believes in?

  2. The Lamp July 31, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    Staying on a sinking ship is never good for anyone’s health …

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