Will the Virginia Flaggers Stand Behind C. C. Lesters?

Yesterday brought news that authorities had arrested Carlos C. Lesters in connection with the kidnapping of Lilly Baumann by her mother, Megan Everett, who was Lesters’s girlfriend when Lilly disappeared.

The Virginia Flaggers and their supporters were loud in denouncing those who brought public attention to the kidnapping. They denied that the Virginia Flaggers had anything to do with the kidnapping. Indeed, the mouthpiece of the Virginia Flaggers denied that a kidnapping had even taken place.

Insofar as Mr. Lesters is concerned, they appear to have been wrong, very wrong.

Mr. Lesters has declared that there is no person in the world whom he trusts as much as Susan Hathaway, the head of the Virginia Flaggers. What Ms. Hathaway or her followers knew about Lilly’s whereabouts remains unknown, although they seemed to display a lack of concern about her welfare. Given that Hathaway had once posed with the child in her arms, this lack of concern seemed curious, even cold.

Susan Hathaway once held Lilly Baumann in her arms. Now she wants nothing to do with Lilly. That's cold.
Susan Hathaway once held Lilly Baumann in her arms. Now she wants nothing to do with Lilly. That’s cold.

Since Lesters’s arrest, both the Flaggers and their mouthpiece have been silent on social media and blogs. It is a good question as whether they are on the point of abandoning Lesters, as they have deserted others when convenient (see Karen Cooper/Raymond Agnor), or whether this is a case where they are too skeered to say something lest a public expression gets them into trouble (such as the rumors surrounding the identity of “Anonymous CSA” that point to Flagger Tripp Lewis as a likely person of interest).

One of the favorite tactics of the Virginia Flaggers in particular and Confederate heritage groups in general is the establishment of a “defense fund” to defray legal costs. It appears that Mr. Lesters is in serious need of such financial assistance as well as emotional support (especially from the woman whom he trusts more than anyone else, Susan Hathaway). Will the Flaggers abandon Lesters as they previously abandoned Lilly Baumann? Will they neglect him, much as they have done when Raymond Agnor excluded Karen Cooper from the I-81 Lexington flag? Will they remain silent to guard their secrets, as they have in the case of Anonymous CSA?

three stooges
Susan Hathaway, Tripp Lewis, and C. C. Lesters.

Or will the Virginia Faggers rally to the colors and seek to raise funds for the defense of C. C. Lesters? After all, they have done this before. Ask Tripp Lewis, who sought support to defray his legal costs after being arrested in front of his children. We already know that the Flaggers raise those funds without providing information as to how they have been expended (Lewis promised to sue other people, but that never happened; some people wonder whether the unaccounted funds help to explain how he was able to afford a drone that we don’t see much of nowadays).

In the past the Flaggers, especially Ms. Hathaway, have sought security in the cowardice of their skeered silence. Occasionally they endorse the mindless rantings of their mouthpiece, who has failed to stand up for her fellow Floridian.

No one is fooled.

The Virginia Flaggers claim that they are committed to “restoring the honor.” None of their recent behavior strikes one as honorable, least of all their behavior surrounding Lilly’s kidnapping. They were uncooperative with Lilly’s grandmother, claimed that Lesters had nothing to do with the kidnapping, and even denied that there had been a kidnapping. Now they rest content with letting Lesters twist slowly in the wind while pretending that they know nothing about what has happened.

They must be skeered indeed.


5 thoughts on “Will the Virginia Flaggers Stand Behind C. C. Lesters?

  1. Jimmy Dick August 8, 2015 / 11:40 am

    Let me post what KKKonnie has on her bovine stool blog.

    There you have it in all its glory. Let me repeat that first sentence.

    My, how wordy she is. What a way she has with words.

    Here are some she might like.
    “Drah Di net um, oh oh oh
    Schau, schau, der Kommissar geht um! oh oh oh
    Wenn er dich anspricht
    Und do weißt warum,
    Sag eahm

  2. Sandi Saunders August 8, 2015 / 2:31 pm

    As I always have said, these screechers are far more of an enemy than friend to the Confederate Flag cause and debate and if they talk they prove it quickly. Their silence comes from their situation that they created. The SCV should cut all ties and remove any remnant of the flaggers if they are seeking credibility. The truth is though that the SCV has been happy for the flaggers to do their dirty work and make fools of themselves while allowing the SCV to keep relatively clean hands. Not fooling anyone.

    • Brooks D. Simpson August 8, 2015 / 3:41 pm

      THe SCV always publicly disavows that which its leadership knows goes on in private. I don’t see that the members mind, either.

      • Sandi Saunders August 8, 2015 / 4:12 pm

        Precisely! They know what their friends are doing and they approve. Which just makes it harder to have any respect for either bunch. If you scratch the SCV you find the flaggers, rednecks, racists and anti-government people who bring no honor to the Confederacy.

        • Andy Hall August 8, 2015 / 5:22 pm

          Gary Adams finds it “unbelievable” that people participating in mass truck rallies supporting the Confederate flag are “throwing things and shouting racial slurs.”

          I really cannot imagine the degree of self-delusion required for someone to be surprised by that outcome.

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