More Confederate Heritage Commentary

It’s interesting how arguments that once resonated in online discussion groups and in small corners of the Civil War community are now the stuff of mainstream discussion. Take this video:

If you review Civil War scholarship, you’ll note that many of the statements linking secession to the defense of slavery were not quite in vogue decades ago.

Then there’s this:

I don’t know how a debate can be dormant while it has been going on over the last several decades, but we can see that current politics continue to shape our interpretation of past icons.

Both videos have issues with historical accuracy, although people will differ on how important that is.

Want more confusion? Of course you do.

Billy Bearden–yes, that Billy Bearden— makes the big time … watch carefully.

Have a nice weekend.


2 thoughts on “More Confederate Heritage Commentary

  1. bob carey September 6, 2015 / 5:35 am

    I think the one fellow in the third video said it right people prefer to be entertained instead of informed. I must admit that the “flaggers” are entertaining if nothing else.
    The commercials in the Info Wars videos remind me of the snake oil hucksters in the old westerns.

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