Friday the 13th at the VMFA

Tonight the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts will host InLight, an exhibit of light and sound, at the War Memorial Chapel located on the grounds of the museum.

The museum has done what it could to downplay or contest the description of the event as a “trippy funhouse” in Richmond’s StyleWeekly, claiming that the event is a serious piece of art that will inspire thought and reflection.

As one might expect, the Virginia Flaggers, blind to their own previous efforts to turn the War Memorial Chapel into a “trippy funhouse,” have announced that they will protest the event.

The display comes at an opportune time for the Flaggers in their never-ending desire for publicity. Lately that hasn’t gone too well. More people paid attention to their inability to spell (a fact displayed across the skies of Richmond) than to their continuing efforts to raise Confederate flags across the commonwealth (although most of them are clustered around Danville and Lexington; other efforts to spread the word have not fared well, with only a single flag north of Fredericksburg). Although the Flaggers were loud in denouncing the appearance of a forged list of KKK members and associates when that list appeared in early November, they fell quiet when the actual list, bearing the names of several Flaggers and their close friends, was released on November 5.

Posting on the heels of a feverish protest against the InLight exhibition, Susan Frise Hathaway declared that it was time for Confederate heritage advocates to take action. That was a week ago. Tonight we’ll learn whether she herself will display “boldness and unwavering courage” or instead reveal that she is possessed by a “spirit of timidity.” Is she “mad enough yet?” Or is she a coward? Will she be there at the VMFA?

Note that Hathaway’s been too skeered to answer that question, and even her “heavy hitter” has declined to defend her hero.

I gather lots of people in attendance will be asking the same question.

Maybe Tripp[y] Lewis will put in an appearance. And someone else will be there in spirit:

Trippy Connie

Talk about a trippy lightshow.

4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th at the VMFA

  1. Eric A. Jacobson November 13, 2015 / 12:36 pm

    This post just cracks me up. Good way to end the week……

    • M. T. November 13, 2015 / 2:10 pm

      A sad commentary that a House of Worship, dedicated to the memory of the Confederate dead will be used as an entertainment venue.

  2. Brooks D. Simpson November 13, 2015 / 2:44 pm

    BTW, the folks at Style Weekly defend their article and the terms employed. They have expressed their unhappiness to me on Twitter.

  3. Rblee22468 November 13, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    The colors man. The colors.

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