Susan “No Show” Hathaway: Not at the VMFA, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th proved to be an unlucky day for Susan Frise Hathaway’s reputation as a a staunch defender of Confederate heritage. Having told Confederate heritage advocates to “rise up,” Hathaway apparently stayed away from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the War Memorial Chapel on November 13. It was left to Barry “Hot Dog” Isenhour to hold forth with the local media, which offered some coverage of the event.

As you might expect, the Flaggers themselves omitted mention of Hathaway’s absence on their own blog in an entry composed by Grayson Jennings, who is not visible in any of the images of the event. Hathaway and Jennings share something else in common: their names appeared on a list of alleged KKK members and associates released by Anonymous back on November 5. Perhaps they sought to avoid the questions of a curious media.

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