The Grant Memorial Restoration


You see it frequently, although you don’t always know it, and sometimes you don’t recognize it. It’s the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial in Washington, DC. Located just west of the Capitol, at the eastern edge of the Mall, the general today looks out across a reflecting pool toward the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Often one sees the monument in the foreground of a shot of the west face of the Capitol building.

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Another Flagger Fail at the VMFA

On November 14, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts concluded its second day of hosting InLight on the museum grounds, including a light and sound display at the War Memorial Chapel. Once more several Virginia Flaggers showed up to protest the event, although visitors reported that less than ten Flaggers appeared (an assessment seemingly confirmed by photographs taken by Flagger photographer Judy Smith, which reveal that not so many Flaggers were “mad enough” after all).

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