Flaggers as Haters: Hubert Wayne Cash and Connie Chastain

Courtesy of Restoring the Honor, we have yet more evidence of the degree to which the Virginia Flaggers embrace haters in their quest to promote Confederate heritage.

First, there’s Hubert Wayne Cash, the man who provided the land for the Virginia Flaggers to erect their flag along I-95 north of Fredericksburg. Mr. Cash apparently doesn’t like black people.

Hubert Cash on Blacks
Courtesy Restoring the Honor

You’ll recall this is not the first time a person who has allowed the Virginia Flaggers to erect a flagpole has expressed his antipathy towards black people.

And then there is the webmaster of the Virginia Flaggers, Connie Chastain, who decided to go on a rant ridiculing people with speech defects. When called on this on Twitter, Chastain continued to make fun of such people.

CC speech 01
Just pathetic … and of course she shared her tweets with Virginia Flagger leader Susan Frise Hathaway, who just told us what an innocent victim she is. Guess Chastain’s now going to argue that Hathaway doesn’t read her own Twitter feed.

There’s something twisted and sick about Cash and Chastain … and about the organization that embraces them. Then again, Chastain charges that to highlight the lack of logic in her posts is to accuse her of mental disability. Wow. Nor was she adverse to posting pictures of herself using a walker (as well as the walker standing by itself) as well as sharing her own health problems on her hate blog. I guess she wanted us to feel sorry for her. But these rants suggest that she doesn’t care about mocking people with speech impediments. How sad.

Of course, Chastain hates a lot of things, so this really should surprise us. She also defends haters and claims they aren’t haters … like antisemites. But it amazed me to see the voice of Virginia Flagger intolerance (also known as Hathaway’s heavy hitter) take on new targets.


With supporters like these, Confederate heritage is in trouble. It’s hard to claim that you’re all about “heritage not hate” when your ranks are filled with haters who simply cannot restrain themselves when it comes to expressing their hate. What a bitter bunch of losers.

Haters gotta hate, I guess … and the Virginia Flaggers embrace haters to carry forth their message. No wonder people think it’s a message of hate.