Trouble in Danville?

One of the points of pride in the Virginia Flaggers’ efforts to put up flagpoles and raise Confederate flags all over the state of Virginia is Danville, the last capital of the Confederacy, where a good number of such flags have appeared in response to the city council’s decision to lower the flag that once flew outside the Sutherlin Mansion, where Jefferson Davis learned of the surrender of Robert E. Lee. While the city ponders what next to do (namely what to do about an abandoned gas station next to the mansion), the Flaggers have proudly populated the area with flags flown on private property. They’ve also erected a sign welcoming visitors to Danville that reminds the unwary of the town’s significance in 1865.

It now looks like Danville is fighting back.

Complaints have been filed against three of the flagpoles in town, claiming that they violate city ordinances. One report pinpoints the location of the flagpoles in question.

Although the Virginia Flaggers celebrated what they claimed were victories in Danville and elsewhere, they somehow failed to mention this event (neither did their Pensacola mouthpiece). As we’ll soon see, they might want to rethink their celebration of events in Roanoke as well.