A Flagger Favorite Makes the Big Time

As several of my readers have reminded me, Matthew Heimbach, long a favorite of the Virginia Flaggers, has made the big time.

It appears that Mr. Heimbach gained a lot of attention for how he treated an African American woman at a recent rally for Donald Trump.

This act, caught on video, made Heimbach a poster child for intolerance in the eyes of the national media, especially the Washington Post, which printed a piece that has since enjoyed wider circulation.

Thus the nation now knows what readers of this blog have known for a long time.


There’s Heimbach, standing next to his good friend, Virginia Flagger and drone entrepreneur Tripp Lewis, who declared that Heimbach was “a good guy.”

The Flaggers have celebrated Heimbach as one of their own, as we can recall from seeing them march together … with Heimbach alongside Susan Hathaway, founder of the group.

The gang’s all here: Billy Bearden, Karen Cooper, Tripp Lewis, Susan Hathaway, and Matthew Heimbach.

And the Sons of Confederate Veterans are fond of Heimbach as well, having given him an award. Here’s the then-“commander-in-chief” of the SCV, Michael Givens, posing with the man his organization honored.

Givens Heimbach 3Yup, we knew about Matthew Heimbach and his friends a long time ago. Now everyone else will, too.

4 thoughts on “A Flagger Favorite Makes the Big Time

  1. OhioGuy April 21, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    Donald Trump and the Virginia Flaggers, now there’s a marriage made in somewhere other than Heaven. 😉 As a Republican I find Trump a total embarrassment and am doing what I can to make sure he does not get the nomination. His average percent of the vote, even after his big win in NY, is about 38 percent. And, if you just include closed primaries — where meddling Democrats and Independents can’t vote — his percent is even lower. To make a Civil War Era analogy, I hope he is like William Seward on the first ballot in 1860, where his plurality of 48 percent was close but no cigar. We all know what happened on the third ballot. While I like Seward, he would not have nearly as good a president as Father Abraham turned out to be.

    • bob carey April 22, 2016 / 5:04 am

      Don’t under estimate Trump. Don the Conman has the ability to get Heimbach and his ilk to support him even though he supported removal of the CBF in Columbia. Yesterday Trump came out against the laws in Mississippi and North Carolina regarding transgender restrooms. I can’t see the Heimbachs of the world favoring his stance on this issue. On many social issues Trump is very liberal and on others he flip-flops like a fish at the bottom of the boat. These poor uneducated people are easily persuaded.
      As a Democrat I too believe in the closed primaries, whats the sense of belonging to a political party if everyone can vote in the primaries.
      BTW does anyone know if Trump is picking up Matt’s legal fees?

  2. Shoshana Bee April 23, 2016 / 12:35 am

    The other day, I was trying to find a mathematical calculation to predict the extinction of hate groups. The idea was to use figures gleaned from the Southern Poverty Law Center and winnow down the numbers by treating the descendants like the half-life of nuclear waste (think: Chernobyl) For each generation forward, we decided that half of them would see the light and abandon their parents dogma, thus, exiting the ranks of hate. (We were really bored) After about 10 minutes, assistant engineer declares that the whole premise is flawed, because for every Chernobyl winding down, there was an earthquake induced Fukushima popping up. A freak of nature would skew our numbers.

    It seems that our “Fukushima” of hate now has a name: Matthew Heimbach. Nowhere in his short biography could it be determined that he would turn into the monster he has become: Good parents, affluent upbringing, nice neighborhoods – no imprinting that I could determine set him on this path that he has taken. It was now obvious that no math, engineering, charts, etc., was going to satisfy my need to know what the heck happened to this kid with all the opportunity. It was time to pull out the big guns and invite old friend, Eric Hoffer to the table.

    When I was 16 years old, a beloved history teacher challenged me to read Eric Hoffer’s True Believer, and then follow it up with an analysis. Unlike most other reading assignments, this book spoke to me like no other book had up to that point (I was 16, after all). It answered the mysteries of the disenfranchised person, and illustrated how dangerous this seemingly invisible malcontent really was. In particular, Hoffer addresses the Misfit, and for my purposes, more specifically: The Permanent Misfit:

    “The permanent misfits are those who because of lack of talent or some irreparable in defect of body or mind cannot do the one thing for which their whole being craves…..The permanent misfit can find salvation only in a complete separation from self; and they usually find it by losing themselves in the compact collectivity of a mass movement”. Pg 47

    This explanation was going have to suffice for now: Where did Matthew Haimbach come from? He was a random byproduct of society. No amount of calculating, mapping or prognosticating would ever prevent or vanquish the random appearance of the permanent misfit cum white supremacist.

    Towards the end of my rumination, a new image came to mind: the multi-headed Hydra of Greek mythology. Perhaps these random hate misfits sprout up like a new head on the beast– each replacing the other as one falls to the ravages of age and time. Quick, hand me my sword.

  3. Laqueesha April 23, 2016 / 1:20 am

    This idiot grew up just a few minutes from where I live. Apparently everybody at his old high school thinks he’s a loser.

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