The Virginia Flaggers’ Next Target: Alexandria?

By now we all know that the Virginia Flaggers, perhaps the most notorious Confederate heritage group in existence (and certainly among the most amusing as well as most visible), is dedicated to restoring the honor by returning the flags. However, to date they have not made much of an impact in the Old Dominion in the northern part of the state. At present the northernmost Flagger triumph east of the Blue Ridge Mountains is at Stafford, along I-95 north of Fredericksburg.

Now comes word that the folks in Alexandria, Virginia, are also taking steps to diminish the city’s commemoration of the Confederacy. Already the city’s taken action to cease flying Confederate flags on public property. Now up for debate is a proposal to cease calling US Route 1 “Jefferson Davis Highway.” Left untouched is a statute honoring the service of Confederate veterans that remains an iconic part of the city.

In the past such measures sparked opposition from the Flaggers, who pride themselves on making a splash. True, the endless flagpole dedications have gotten a bit stale, so much so that they don’t attract much notice anymore (aside from the places where the flagpoles have appeared). But it would seem that Alexandria offers the Flaggers a chance to recapture attention. After all, it was at Alexandria where the first attempt to take down a Rebel flag was met by gunfire, remember?


It will be interesting to see if the Virginia Flaggers stand by their principles or whether they will abandon this fight without a struggle.

One thought on “The Virginia Flaggers’ Next Target: Alexandria?

  1. Rblee22468 August 20, 2016 / 6:02 pm

    That’s borderline DC. Could be enemy territory. We all remember how that worked out for them last time.

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