Another Defeat for the Virginia Flaggers

Back on March 6, the Virginia Flaggers through their blog assured us that a flag they had helped erect in Rockbridge County outside Lexington was not coming down, desite the fact that local authorities had raised questions about the flagpole’s location.

The flag then came down. Now it appears it isn’t going back up anytime soon.

Not to worry, folks. The Flaggers claim they’ve made arrangements for many more flags to go up around Lexington, and they celebrate this as an act of defiance.

So much for honoring the service and sacrifice of the Confederate soldier in a dignified manner. But then it never was about that, was it?

4 thoughts on “Another Defeat for the Virginia Flaggers

  1. hankc9174 April 7, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    though i’m certainly opposed to flying the cbf, I thought the issue was about the *pole* not the flag.

  2. Jimmy Dick April 7, 2017 / 5:39 pm

    Always nice to read the comments from the same people every time proving their ignorance and racism when it comes to the CBF. Another day, another lie by a neo-confederate.

  3. Andy Hall April 9, 2017 / 10:06 am

    So after almost three months of being ridiculed, insulted, and threatened with lawsuits, local officials turn out to be less-than-fully-sympathetic to Brian Roswey’s giant roadside erection flagpole? There’s a shocker.

    It’s amazing how some heritage folks feel entitled to act like the most belligerent, self-important assholes on the planet, and expect everyone else to treat them with the sort of respect, courtesy, and deference they themselves cannot seem to display.

    • Jimmy Dick April 10, 2017 / 11:18 am

      It reflects their attitudes on life. Self-centered people think the world revolves around them. White supremacy is just another form of a self-centered world view.

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