Would You Like to Make Some Money Off Confederate Heritage? Here’s How …

We are coming to the end of another summer. Children are returning to school, and Labor Day will mark the traditional end of summer break, even if in some cases school has been in session for weeks.

One of the traditional Hollywood staples for many years was the summer camp movie. The story was always the same: there was a camp where people met, bonded, and found out the meaning of life despite themselves, sometimes by scoring a tremendous victory over a rival camp populated by privileged kids. You know exactly what I mean …

… or this …

… or some others …

… except those horror movies.

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On Target or Mockery?

Back when the Confederate Battle Flag flew on the grounds of the South Carolina state house … a long, long time ago … the humor website Funny or Die put up this video about what was then a controversy and is now ancient history.

What do you make of the representation of South Carolinians in the video?

Note that, aside from the rather flexible “Senator Graham,” that no whites are shown in opposition to the continued flying of the flag. Is this how people are going to remember this affair, even in humor?

Will the Virginia Flaggers Stand Behind C. C. Lesters?

Yesterday brought news that authorities had arrested Carlos C. Lesters in connection with the kidnapping of Lilly Baumann by her mother, Megan Everett, who was Lesters’s girlfriend when Lilly disappeared.

The Virginia Flaggers and their supporters were loud in denouncing those who brought public attention to the kidnapping. They denied that the Virginia Flaggers had anything to do with the kidnapping. Indeed, the mouthpiece of the Virginia Flaggers denied that a kidnapping had even taken place.

Insofar as Mr. Lesters is concerned, they appear to have been wrong, very wrong.

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Virginia Flagger Arrested in Connection With Lilly Baumann Kidnapping

You can read about the arrest of Carlos Lesters here. Mr. Lesters is a proud member of the Virginia Flaggers. Indeed, he appeared in the comments section of this blog to defend his fellow Flaggers. The Virginia Flaggers have no comment about the arrest of one of their members. Neither does their Florida mouthpiece.

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On The Dukes of Hazzard and Things That Make You Smile

By now we’ve all heard about how TV Land pulled The Dukes of Hazzard from its television lineup. I imagine that’s the most attention the series got in years, and, if we are to believe some of the wailing and crying, it’s as TV Land had scheduled a Cosby Show marathon for a week. Now comes an analysis of one episode that touched on Civil War history.

For those of you who want to judge for yourself, here’s the episode. BTW, this means devoted fans of the show can still watch it, just not on TV Land.

Then again, there’s nothing like The E! True Hollywood Story on the show:

Go to 36:30 to see a debate about the Confederate flag …

As if that wasn’t enough, someone’s working hard to make us laugh about the Civil War. Head on over and enjoy.

A New Civil War Book Prize

From the John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History at the University of Virginia comes the following:

Announcement of The Bobbie and John Nau Book Prize in American Civil War Era History

The John L. Nau III Center for Civil War History at the University of Virginia invites nominations for the first Bobbie and John Nau Book Prize in American Civil War Era History. Titles published in 2015 will be eligible. The $25,000 prize focuses primarily on scholarship devoted to the war itself but is also open to works on the background and consequences of the conflict. Collections of essays or primary documents, works of fiction, and poetry should not be submitted.

Publishers should submit copies of nominated books directly to members of the judging committee by February 1, 2016. The winner will be announced by July 1, 2016, and the award presented at an event sponsored by the Center.

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