Silly Season is Underway

One of the amusements of blogging is the knowledge that some people who really don’t like you are among the most faithful readers of your blog. You learn this when you see that there is a surge of incoming traffic from a blog that you may not hold in high regard, and a check of the link leads you to another elaborate denunciation of your blog for its open partisanship, commitment to political correctness, or whatever tends to offend these overly-sensitive folk who ventured forth from their intellectual and emotional safe space to see what other people were saying. Indeed, some blogs probably would not exist or have even smaller audiences than they currently enjoy were it not for this desire to draw attention to themselves in front of their fan base.

(Note: that’s one reason I don’t link to these blogs. Let them earn their own hits. I know they’ll come here anyway.)

We can expect more of this cross-blog commentary as we enter the heart of the presidential election contest. Politicians love to draw upon historical images and comparisons to make their points, and every presidential election offers case studies in the use and misuse of history, the state of historical memory, and the propensity of some people who claim to be historians to render their fledgling efforts at historical understanding primarily through the lens of political partisanship.

Take a recent whiny complaint from someone whose obsession with left-wing academics (a redundancy in his mind) and political correctness overwhelms what might be considered useful observation and information. Apparently we now know that the political season is upon us because of a surge in posts attacking Republicans, and only Republicans: “They prove it by only doing this type of thing to Republican candidates. And the virtue-signalling is extremely nauseating.”

I guess I struck a nerve.

We note that this protest appeared just a week after a post appeared declaring “Why Progressives Love Abraham Lincoln & Why Conservatives Don’t Undertsand Him.” I’ve retained the original spelling. Oh, no politics here, right? That’s surrounded by three more posts, two reflecting this blogger’s obsession with political correctness and another about protesters bearing Soviet flags outside the Democratic National Convention, something, the blogger asserts, should warm the hearts of “moral reformer” historians.

Now that we’ve established which blog is primarily an exercise in political commentary, we can test its claims for historical accuracy. The blogger appears to be upset that comments to various entries here that talk about how politicians use (and misuse) history are simply political commentary (and thus that the posts to which these comments allude were framed to elicit such commentary, betraying the nefarious motives of the blogger). One need only to examine the comments section of the blog in question to realize that this is just another case of the pot calling the kettle black (given the propensities of some of the commenters over there, “black” will drive them nuts). What people say is what people say. But to see in others what one does note recognize in oneself is telling.

But does this blog restrict itself to commenting on Republican candidates’ misuse of history? The record suggests otherwise. This blog commented on Hillary Clinton’s flawed commentaries on Reconstructiontwice. Nor would it be true the say that we don’t follow up on stories concerning Republicans who take positions where it’s assumed that we agree with them. This blog also followed up on leads that suggested that an advocate of removing the Confederate flag from the grounds of the South Carolina state house may have misstated the facts when she claimed to be descended from Confederate president Jefferson Davis (suffice it to say that the post in question received substantial traffic with the politician in question ran for office and lost).

In short, these are issues of historical accuracy, not political correctness. We conclude that either the critic is incompetent or dishonest. Which is the case, and why that’s the case, we leave to others to decide.

We do notice, however, that while the critic is loud about the supposed faults of others, we have yet to see any commentary on the critic’s blog about the historical shortcomings of his heroes. I bet you didn’t know that there were twelve articles in the Constitution, although Donald Trump (another not-so-well-informed foe of political correctness) says he will defend Article Twelve. And we are surprised that a man who wants to share with us how well a certain Confederate general treated his slaves had nothing to say when Bill O’Reilly asserted that the slaves who helped build the White House were treated rather well. But does our critic note such lapses? No. He’s practicing his own form of political correctness, I guess.

In short, someone who complains that certain blogs are partisan forums without admitting that his blog is indeed slanted for political and philosophical reasons is something of a hypocrite who lacks integrity. But did we really expect anything else?

Talk about “virtue-signalling.”

We admit, however, that we are amused to hear that this blog and other blogs are “nauseating” for this poor critic. We suggest that the best remedy for this particular reaction is to cease reading such blogs. Exercise some self control, please. As for me, I find such whiny rants amusing. I have indeed struck a nerve, and, it appears, more. To point out someone’s incompetence, hypocrisy, dishonesty, and lack of integrity is to fill an empty net with pucks. But whenever I come across such tripe, I’m reminded of this:

Lighten up, Francis.

PS: Yes, we expect to hear from the offended party that he’s endeavoring to prepare a forthcoming reply. Invariably these promises are never fulfilled. That was the case a few weeks ago with another blog, and it’s been the case with me several times.


Ride With Forrest For $1,000!

Of course, that $1000 will have to be in United States dollars …

Thanks to Kevin Levin, who has shown a recent interest in Confederate artifacts, we now know that someone is now looking to you to help fund a movie about the life of Nathan Bedford Forrest based on a book published by Sea Raven Press, the choice of Karen Cooper.

To preserve historical accuracy, we are working from an original screenplay by Lochlainn Seabrook, based on his non-fiction biography.  Everything Mr. Seabrook has written has been told from a southern perspective, and “A Rebel Born” is no different.  The character of Nathan Bedford Forrest comes across as a real human being.  He is confident and passionate, but also has a great sense of humor.

I wonder if Forrest will guffaw about Fort Pillow.

Playing Forrest will be Jerry Chesser. Here he is:

Watch Jerry at work:

Here’s the website detailing the levels of funding and what you will get in exchange.  Here’s what you’ll get for $1000:

At this level you will receive an advance world premiere DVD of the completed film, a world premiere poster signed by the director and cast members, a “thank you” listing in the ending credits, a copy of the book “A Rebel Born” by Lochlainn Seabrook, two tickets to the world premiere of the motion picture (current estimate January 2017), limited access to the set for you and a guest and a walk-on role if you desire. Production dates will be forwarded so you may choose dates that are convenient.

I am so glad they will work around Susan Hathaway’s schedule. But wait, there’s more … for only $5,000:

At this level you will receive an advance world premiere DVD of the completed film, a world premiere poster signed by the director and cast members, an “executive producer” listing in the beginning credits, a copy of the book “A Rebel Born” by Lochlainn Seabrook, two tickets to the world premiere of the motion picture (current estimate January 2017), a substantial supporting role with dialogue if you desire. Production dates will be forwarded so you may choose dates that are convenient.

Maybe Susan could play Mrs. Forrest and sing to him. Here’s an audition tape:

I wonder whether H. K. Edgerton will be eager to be in the movie as a member of Forrest’s black escort. He already has the costume.

Kevin’s warned us of the failure of various Civil War movies to raise funds via these online campaigns. However, he overlooked another memorable failed effort.

I’m waiting for word that a certain dust jacket designer will prepare the movie posters.

It’s a call to action for Confederate heritage apologists! Prove Kevin Levin wrong! Show him this is not a debacle! Raise that money, even if it’s Yankee money, to prove that the South will rise again!

After all, there was Birth of a Nation and Gone With the Wind. Good things come in threes, right? Put your money where your mouth is!