Quote of the Week: Connie Chastain on Southern Racism

Yes, folks, here’s Connie Chastain on southern racism:

If there is more racism in the South, it’s probably because it’s basically the only black/white biracial region of the country. In many areas of the non-South, outside the major cities, there are hardly any black folks for whites to be racist toward or about.

She then linked to this map.


Quote of the Week: January 11-17, 2015

Now this is funny:

Chastain Whines Anew

Bless her little dark heart!

The entire Confederate Heritage enterprise as practiced by certain groups rests upon the claim that people can believe what they want to believe (which is rather obvious) but that does not stop certain people from claiming that they know how to interpret history, however badly they do it. Case in point:

Chastain Historian
The major historical inaccuracy here, of course, is that while most people did not go to war to free the slaves, a healthy number of them said that the reason they seceded was to protect slavery. To pretend otherwise is to lie.

By the way, history doesn’t send messages. Maybe someone hears voices.

Not that an inability to be a good historian stops some people:

Oh, that was brought to you by the person who just asserted that she won’t tell you what to believe.

All of this goes to suggest a few things:

  • Either Chastain’s a liar or she just can’t keep track of what she says. Or both. In any case, she’s not to be trusted.
  • Chastain’s a poor excuse for a historian. And yes, she’s claimed that she’s a historian.
  • When Robert E. Lee said that “history teaches us to hope,” he was not thinking of Connie Chastain.

Happy birthday, General Lee. Enjoy MLK Day.

Quote of the Week: January 4-10, 2015

For this week’s quote we go back in time to 1869, when the president of Washington College, Robert E. Lee, sat down to reply to a letter from the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association. The association had asked him to join in an effort to memorialize the field with monuments to those who had fought there. Lee declined, adding:

I think it wiser moreover not to keep open the sores of war, but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavoured to obliterate the marks of civil strife and to commit to oblivion the feelings it engendered.

Those people who plan to travel to Lexington, Virginia, this coming week to honor Robert E. Lee should keep what Lee said in mind. Not that they would be the first to ignore the wishes of someone they claim to honor. The same holds true for the first effort to erect a monument to Lee on the battlefield. Eventually, of course, Virginia honored its general, and every year thousands of people gather there to embark upon a walk across the very same fields where Confederates charged on July 3, 1863.

Quote of the Week: December 21-27, 2014

Important if true …

did you not know that the Army of Northern Virginia was in Florida at various times during the War For Southern Independence, and they also were in other states as well.

I wonder which spring break he’s talking about?

The ANV fought primarily in four states: Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia. Perhaps one could cite an example of some Confederates going into North Carolina during the time Longstreet was detached in southeast Virginia … and then there’s the September 1863 detachment of two divisions under Longstreet to Georgia … or various units that at one time were part of the ANV but who fought elsewhere when they were not part of that army … but I can’t wait to learn more about Lee’s Florida campaign at the head of the ANV. Name “the various times” that the ANV was in Florida as the ANV, Jerry Dunford.

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Quote of the Week: November 2-8, 2014

From a passionate supporter of the Virginia Flaggers:

Just as we who have followed the history of America, especially as to the events of the War for Southern Independence and all the years hence. What we have experienced is the constant proof being played out right before your eyes that the Blacks who cause all the uproar about civil rights, about unfair opportunity, and mistreatment by the American law enforcement and judicial system, as they commit crimes and wonder why so many are in prison and are not Succeeding in jobs, in education, and other areas.

No wonder the head of the Virginia Flaggers wants God to bless white supremacist paramilitary groups.


Quote of the Week: October 26-November 1, 2014

It’s just astonishing what some people say and think:

One could actually argue that slavery increased the quality of life for the blacks who were brought over here. In many cases, they had it a lot better off than poor whites.

And yet somehow the poor whites didn’t see it that way.

And what does our friend from Florida say about that?

That’s a reality that infuriates White-Southern-hating flogger-types, when mentioned.

Ah, yes. The “slavery wasn’t so bad” position … offered by a white person. Nothing new here.

As for how our Confederate heritage advocate from Pensacola feels about the American people:

We live in a nation of dumbed down ignoramuses.

Nice to see how she holds her readership in high esteem.


Quote of the Week: October 12-18, 2014

I guess we’ve come to expect this from a supporter of the Virginia Flaggers:

Well soon the Pagan holiday will be here and those who celebrate and don their masks and costumes will be out into the night. I will say that many, costume or regular do, are already out and already doing their anti good, anti Southern heritage, and what is none of their business, their actions and criticisms and outright lies, which is what they have done for more than 150 years. I wanted to add a few photos of a few of the rascals, who we all can see everyday and not just on Halloween, people whom we wish were in West Africa, with all those who are remiss in hygiene, and health standards, who eat things in filth and who abode with certain animals and things that they should not abode with. Some American homosexuals do these same things I might add, and the diseases are created and spread by some of these filthy men and some women. All the diseases are not physical, some are diseases of the mind, spiritual diseases, where men say things they know are not true, about about themselves as well as about others.
Some of these men also use aliases and swear they they don’t. These liars, these homosexuals, these perverts, these racists who hide behind the shields and smokescreens they falsely create as they call you and I racists to cover there ill deeds, are as filthy as the West Africans in many respects. These assholes attack the innocents just as a nasty virus does, without regard for decency, or justification, as they are no respecters of men.

I think we all know what Jerry’s costume will look like.

Quotes of the Week: September 28-October 4, 2014

The truth is out

Now, what this means is, when the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and their lost leaders are inspired by Satan, to remove the Confederate Battle Flags from the appropriate Confederate Memorial Chapel, it is being done by those who are part of the dark side. Yep, you think I have went off the track, missed the curve and am going down the embankment. No, I am letting you know the basic facts that we are all  in direct association with in our lives every hour of every day, whether you know it or not. YOU ARE A OBJECT SUBJECT TO INSPIRATION, YOU ARE INSPIRED BY GOD OR YOU ARE INSPIRED BY SATAN.  DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS.

And yet there’s more

Yes, these scoundrels, will continue with the myth making and Confederate trashing as this is cover for their liberal agendas. They cannot stand behind their no good barbaric ancestors as they are ashamed of these bastards, and they should be. Do you know any of Adolph Hitlers family or Heinrich Himmlers family, what about the family and friends of Goerring and Gobbels, do you think they admit what their fathers and grandfathers did, do you suppose in 100 years the relatives will be any different in how they support what Hitler did than Meyer, Hall, Simpson do concerning the equivalent Yankee murderers from 1861. Do you suppose they get many Christmas cards from the Jewish people. Yes, those Yankee heathen from 1861-65 are like Hitler and his murderers, still damned today, and will forever be damned by me, and many others, so I say to all you Yankee supporters, Yes, picking my nose will give me much more satisfaction that arguing with you piss ants, and for that I am happy.

… and there will always be more, from this vocal supporter of … you guessed it.

Quote of the Week: September 21-27, 2014

And now, in the category of who gets the last laugh:

Broadcasters like Olbermann can’t rain on Jeter’s farewell; God already did

Surprisingly, Olbermann did not play “God agrees with me” card, but he almost did. Jeter’s defenders have accused the broadcaster of raining on the parade that is the #Season2Remember farewell tour, especially its final ceremony planned for September 25 (ironically, the day after the Yankees were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention).

New York was very much engulfed in rainstorms the day of September 25, with forecasts calling for more of the same through the final Jeter farewell game at Yankee Stadium. On this point, Olbermann couldn’t resist.

“Derek Jeter is not going to be able to make that stop,” he said by way of closing the segment.


Quote of the Week: August 31-September 6, 2014

According to someone, it’s just fine to advocate violence against people:

Members of these groups rarely if ever admonish the posters who advocate such violence. Why? Because they know the poster doesn’t mean it. These are not credible threats and most people with common sense realize it. These are simply expressions of anger and frustration about something these folks find distressing.

And so it is with Confederate heritage advocates who post violent comments on Facebook. The floggers try to make some big deal out of it, especially Simpson and the Texas scalawag — but really, how many times have Southern heritage advocates been in the news for perpetrating violence?

Yup … someone went there.

But that’s not all …

CC on violence

Yup … you-know-who went to the race card. I guess reviewing for The Economist wasn’t enough.

“Mr Baptist has not written an objective history of slavery; almost all the blacks in his book are victims, almost all the whites villains — this is not history; it is advocacy.”