Quote of the Week: August 17-23, 2014

Courtesy of Ray Ortensie:

Verona was inspired by Valdosta, Georgia, and sits in approximately the same location, in extreme south Georgia, just a half-hour north of the Florida line. But the fictional town is not Valdosta with the name changed. There are many similarities, however. Incidentally, I have never been to Valdosta.


Quote of the Week, July 27-August 2, 2014

This week offered a rather tough choice. First, Barry Isenhour confirms what some of us thought all along about what motivates the Virginia Flaggers.

“There are all kinds of people who threaten us, who literally call our employers, slander us in the press and stuff,” Isenhour said. “It’s sad to say, but there are a lot of people out there who have hate in their heart.”

Have the Flaggers and their supporters threatened people they don’t like? Check. Have they contacted employers? Check. Have they slandered us? Check. So, if Barry’s right, people who do that have hate in their heart. That’s folks, motivates the Flaggers and their supporters to attack people they don’t like … by a Flagger’s own admission, it seems.

That’s sad, but we appreciate the candor.

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Quote of the Week: July 13-19, 2014

Take a deep breath and read this:

But each “defeat” re: Confederate heritage, brings the reality about the left’s war on Southern culture and heritage to the attention of ever more people. Those big flags flying proudly beside highways across Dixie, without bringing war, pestilence, the renewal of slavery, and all sorts of horrors in the gloom and doom predictions of critics, awakens more Southerners to their heritage, to how much of it has been lost, and why it needs to be preserved and restored.

I’m sure some people actually believe this. I’m sure this is precisely what comes to mind when someone sees one of those flags (that is, if they indeed can see it). At least I’m sure some people think so.

A close second can be found here:

The Confederacy never lost it was a surrender, that is’nt a loss.

I await someone complaining that I’m twisting the words I simply post here.

Quote of the Week: June 29-July 5, 2014

This comes from a member of our favorite Confederate heritage group:

The National Park Service has long been the spokesman for the Communist administration of the United States Government. That is one reason that no reputable reenactment unit will have anything to do with events help by the NPS. The mistake was made by allowing the occupation government to own any of our sacred battlefields. Every last one of them should have been deeded to the Commonwealth of Virginia if the battlefield was located on Virginia soil.


Quote of the Week: June 21-28, 2014

From a favorite friend of the blog … and a wonderful supporter of a certain Confederate heritage group … here’s Jerry!

What a bunch of evil nasty men, Simpson, Hall, Baker, Meyer, Young, Levin, Dick, and a large following of faggots, perverts and men who lie and say whatever vile garbage that Satan inspires them to say. Simpson has no guts, he tries to find as many off the path words, and while he has been educated in those things of primary use by Liberals, he has never done a days work in his life. This Yankee trouble maker does achieve one thing, and that is he proves that most American citizens are as dumb and uninformed as rocks. They absorb his bullshit as the truth when it is distortion and an attempt to make the Northern Yankee leadership look like something other than the war criminals and murderers and rapist and thugs that they were.

So too all the dummies out there, wake up, Lincoln is guilty of 500,000 American deaths, and many hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to our nation. Lincoln has caused the most American deaths than any U.S. PRESIDENT, TODAY, Obama is credited with spending the most taxpayer money and spending this nation into debt while advancing his own wealth and helping destroy America. Simpson, and his evil friends, supporters of Lincoln and Obama.

And Peter Carmichael says I don’t know how to take a compliment … and a big shout out to Miroslav Satan!

Quote of the Week: May 11-17, 2014

This is incredible … and incredibly funny:

Kevin Levin is representative of a certain faction of Civil War enthusiasts which would like to avoid a lot of issues about the Civil War. So it is instructive to observe him. As the the issues of historical memory regarding the Civil War move into the future he is reacting to it and his blog postings are very revealing. I next hope to blog on his coverage of the opposition to neo-Confederacy at Washington and Lee University by African American students. It is both hilarious and revealing.

Personally, I think this quote is hilarious. It’s quite revealing that it comes from Edward “no one is as pure as me” Sebesta. You know, the man who didn’t want his book considered for a prize. The guy who despises the very flag he used on the cover of his book for marketing purposes. The guy who really, really needs attention.

Congratulations, Kevin.


Quote of the Week: April 20-26, 2014

This week’s quote comes to us courtesy of Valerie Protopapas of Huntington Station, New York:

Frankly, MLK was right (for once) when he said (at least to his WHITE audiences) that it was not the color of skin that mattered but the content of character. Problem is, using that criteria alone, blacks have a BIG problem these days.

Now, some here might say that this isn’t racist, but I beg to disagree. No worries: next time someone reminds you that racism is not simply a southern thing, you can agree by citing this quote from a Long Islander who just happens to be a Confederate heritage advocate.

Wonder what she thinks when she walks down Main Street in Huntington and sees this: