The Virginia Flaggers Remain Silent About Lilly Baumann

Yesterday was a great day for those of us interested in the story of the kidnapping of Lilly Baumann. To learn that she’s safe and sound as well as found was, simply put, great news. We’re happy to see that she’s been reunited with her father. People who were interested in the case celebrated the report.

All except the Virginia Flaggers.

Now, the Virginia Flaggers had no problem posting pictures of Lilly Baumann. They had no problem slapping a sticker on her declaring that she supported their flag raising initiative.

Lesters two

Susan Hathaway had no problem holding her in her arms as she held up a flag .***


It’s always good to make your organization look child-friendly.

However, we learned on Sunday’s show that exactly one Virginia Flagger spoke with Lilly’s grandmother, and that Flagger then declined to give any information, claiming they knew nothing about Lilly or her whereabouts. Nor did the Flaggers take an interest in her safety or in finding her. Their shrill mouthpiece dismissed the whole matter as a domestic dispute that wasn’t worth our time and displayed no concern for the child’s welfare. Although she claims that she’s interested in men’s rights, she had nothing to say about the rights of a father. Yet that babble was an improvement on the silence of Susan Hathaway. Then again, Susan’s often silent when it comes to trouble for the Flaggers.

So the news came out yesterday that Lilly was safe. Did the Flaggers announce that they were happy or relieved?


What about their screecher from Pensacola? You know, the one who entitled one of her books A Family at Last? What did she say?


Oh, she offered some misguided rant about a post that appeared here some time ago, and even then she fumbled what that post argued (it argued that the protests against Confederate culture had crested; exhibiting what passes for her intellect, she declared that I had argued that the protests on behalf of Confederate heritage were subsiding). But any expression of happiness or relief? No. Absolutely none.

If nothing else, you would have thought that the Flaggers would have welcomed the nationwide publicity they received on John Walsh’s show. Maybe Susan’s upset that they blurred her face.

Instead, the Flaggers went to Danville on Sunday. Judy Smith’s ever-present camera caught countless headshots of Susan and her friends, as well as lots of pictures of children with flags … just as Flagger photographers had once taken pictures of Lilly Baumann.

But it’s hard to believe that they really care about those children. If they did, they’d be happy about the news of Lilly’s rescue, and they would not hesitate to share that joy for all to see.

We saw nothing of the sort. So when you look at those pictures, understand that those kids are just models, symbols, scenery. I bet they didn’t even sign one of Judy’s releases. The Flaggers just don’t give a damn, and they didn’t give a damn about Lilly Baumann, lost or found.

The Virginia Flaggers claim that they are all about preserving Confederate heritage. One would assume that they want to preserve that heritage for future generations. We’ve seen how they’ve used children in the past (look here for what outside observers thought about that display). I can’t say I’m surprised that they simply remained silent when Lilly Baumann went missing, and that they stayed silent when she was found. Once more, that silence speaks volumes about who they are and what’s really important to them.

We’re glad that Lilly’s been reunited with her father. We’re glad this episode is over. We wish the very best for Lilly.

*** Yes, that’s Karen Cooper … the Virginia Flagger barred by Raymond Agnor from visiting the I-81 flag at Lexington because she’s black … another case of Hathaway and company treating people as disposable when inconvenient.

More From the Heritage of Hate

Word comes from Atlanta that several Confederate flags popped up at Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Martin Luther King Historic Site, where the civil rights leader was buried.

And so the exchanges continue, with damage being done to Confederate monuments and reports of a series of incidents (several of them videotaped) of people going after Confederate flags, stealing them, defacing monuments, and so on. All of this is counterproductive, foolish, and wrong … not just some of this, as someone from Pensacola insists on her hate blog.

As she declares: “I haven’t seen where Simpson condemned or disapproved of threats to people and damage to property connected with the war on Confederate heritage.” I guess she overlooked the posts about “Anonymous CSA,” where someone made threats due to the current controversy. But in the screecher’s world, #onlyConfederateheritagematters.

Nor is she a careful reader … but enough with such tripe.

Someone please explain to me how what happened at Atlanta reflects paying homage to the service of Confederate soldiers. You would think that if the Sons of Confederate Veterans deplores the incorrect use of the Confederate flag, the new chief of heritage operations would be on this in a flash.

I suspect we’ll hear someone declare this is a “false flag operation.” We’ll see.

What Would You Do as the SCV’s Chief of Heritage Operations?

It’s been a rough time for Confederate heritage, and I’m not limiting that observation to recent events. Ben Jones took over the job of chief of heritage operations just as the replica flags were departing from Lee Chapel, and just over a year later he leaves in the aftermath of the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the grounds of the South Carolina state house.  Confederate icons, flags, and statues are under attack, and the response has been something between a holding action and a fighting withdrawal.

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