Question Time: An Experiment

One of the characteristics of blogs is that the blogger initially sets the agenda for the discussion (even if the blogger cannot always control the course of the comments responding to a blog).  So let me try something different.  I’m going to leave this thread’s comment’s section open for you to ask me a question pertaining to the topics covered by this blog (they do not have to be about specific posts, but about history and historians, etc.).  Make sure your question is actually in the form of a question (as opposed to the “questions” one sometimes sees at professional meetings and presentations, which are statements that go on an on, with a question stuck at the end).  And, for purposes of this trial run, let’s have question time run until 11:59 pm on January 15.  I’ll answer what’s put up by that time.  And, please, try to frame your question in such a way that I can answer it in a paragraph of three or four sentences.  Otherwise you might get a short, snappy answer.  🙂