Confederate Heritage: Running Away from a Challenge

Last Sunday Kevin Levin issued a challenge to the members of the gift that keeps on giving.  Members of that august group had contested the findings that Kevin and Myra Chandler Sampson had published in Civil War Times concerning Silas Chandler.  Kevin offered them the opportunity to prove him wrong.

There were no takers.

This in spite of certain rather ironic declarations recently in that group about people who will not change their mind regardless of the evidence …

… what makes them blind is the fact that despite all evidence given to them they choose not to learn or grow beyond the limits of their thinking. I am always willing to learn and expand my knowledge, as do everyone else on this page….they on the other hand already “know” they are “right” and choose not to accept anything that might make them think their views have gaping holes in them.

… and …

No amount of evidence will convince them of anything other than what they have chosen to believe.

… and …

Not accepting anyone’s opinion but ones own is a refusal to learn. Its also a symptom of borderline personality disorder too, but that is not our worry.

I beg to differ.  It is their worry.  The folks there have just admitted that they demonstrate symptoms of borderline personality disorder (perhaps we should call it “Mason-Dixon personality order” after a certain border line), but that is not my worry.

Now, I always thought that one quality celebrated by proponents of Confederate heritage was the willingness to stand up and fight for what one believes in.   Yet these folks have just run away from Kevin’s challenge.  I won’t speculate on whether they suffer from a personality disorder, but they sure look like cowards to me.  One’s forced to conclude that these folks are a disgrace and an embarrassment to Confederate heritage, because when called upon to stand and fight, they ran.

Game, set, and match to Kevin Levin.