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From the gift that keeps on giving

Speaking of the First 13TH. Amendment the Corwin Amendment did not Lincoln state from the beginning of the war until his “death” that the South could and should return to the Union and ensure the passage of the 13TH amendment? Again this refers to the first 13TH amendment, the Corwin Amendment.

No. I’d welcome proof to the contrary.

It strikes me as curious that anyone should believe this to be so.

So much for people who claim that they are committed to “truth” but who produce fiction.

Honoring Nathan Bedford Forrest …

It’s understandable that some folks might be offended at my post on the ugliest Civil War monument ever, so I thought I’d make amends by posting this tribute to Nathan Bedford Forrest:

And, just to tell you something about the account that posted this video, here’s the other video posted by “WhiteMaster1418”:

Just saying … some people who admire Forrest have no problems celebrating the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy.

Can’t wait for defenders of Confederate heritage to respond.  Just make sure you aim at the message, not the messenger.