Fort Donelson … February 1862

I note that people paid a lot of attention to the 150th anniversary of the battle of First Manassas (First Bull Run) last July, but we haven’t heard much about other battles, including Wilson’s Creek, Belmont, and Mill Springs … perhaps because they were found in the West.

Take a close look at the above picture.  You may recall that the painter, Paul Philippoteaux, also executed the famed Gettysburg Cyclometer.

So, as we approach the 150th anniversary of the battle of Fort Donelson, here are a few videos on the battle.

Here’s a visitor’s video recorded in 2008:

A view of the national cemetery from the same person:

A twist on the usual Lego portrayal …

And here’s another image of Grant at Donelson, from the famed Kurz and Allison series; for fans of the series, I direct you here.

Note that Fort Henry is often overlooked.  This should make you feel better: