Another Confederate Flag Story … Zzzzz

While I was in Springfield this past weekend a newspaper reporter from the Arizona Republic contacted me to discuss the Confederate flag … yes, again.  Seems a local business in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area was displaying the flag, and that display had sparked controversy.  What followed was this article.

When you think about it, the article follows a fairly predictable pattern, with one exception: the claim by the store owner that she had no idea what she was flying … that it was simply a pretty flag.  If we are to take that at face value, then this isn’t a heritage fight, although it sure looks like one, with the usual go-to quotes from a representative of the NAACP, someone from the SCV, David Blight, local reaction, and a few extras.  I’m sure someone will find what I said objectionable, and I’m confident we know the viewpoints of those who feel that way.

And, of course, there is the comment from the storekeeper about the Mexican flag, but I think that should stand on its own.