Jordan H. Snow Hears Shots in the Night

On this day some 150 years ago Lieutenant Jordan H. Snow, Company I, 28th North Carolina — the company was know as the  Yadkin Stars — directed his men to fall into column to join Thomas J. Jackson’s march across the Union right flank near Chancellorsville. That afternoon, the 28th took up position on the Orange Turnpike, part of the third of Jackson’s three lines of attack. Over the course of the next several hours the regiment worked its way forward, past where the Orange Turnpike merged with the Orange Plank Road, and then deployed across that road where it met Bullock Road. Brigade commander James H. Lane received orders to prepare for a night attack — although it was unclear whether they would be making the attack or fending one off, for Union resistance had stiffened. Rumors circulated of a possible cavalry attack: after all, Union cavalry had already charged the Confederates by the Plank Road. The 28th North Carolina deployed north of the Plank Road, its right touching the left of the 18th North Carolina, which extended the line south to the Plank Road, with two more Tar Heel regiments south of the road.  The 33rd North Carolina fanned out as skirmishers in the woods to the east. It was approaching 9 PM. With the sun down, moonlight offered what illumination there was.

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