It Should Come as No Surprise …

… that we now have a report that something’s been stolen at the site of the Virginia Flaggers’ I-95 flag pole.

No, it’s not the flag. It’s something that someone used to highlight, which may have made it more vulnerable to theft.

h/t to the source.

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13 thoughts on “It Should Come as No Surprise …

  1. That happens more than you might think. The thieves take heavy equipment, break it down and sell the parts. Worth more sold as parts than assembled and running. Plus parts don’t have serial numbers. They said it was valued at 20K ? I would think it would be worth more.

  2. Also, repossessions tend to happen at night as well. Also, thanks Brooks for that final link….I now have a migraine attempting to follow what train of thought she was trying to convey, if that’s what you call it. I hope you haven’t been wondering out in the desert too much though, you could dehydrate…

  3. I agree with Schroeder. Insurance job and/or publicity stunt, the police and insurance companies should keep a close eye on these chuckleheads.

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