More Trouble for the Virginia Flaggers … Tripp Lewis Runs Afoul of the SCV

Oops … he did it again.

Tripp in trouble (address cut)

Lewis Flag
Tripp Lewis proudly shows how to carry a flag the Tripp way.

Tripp Lewis of the Virginia Flaggers seems to have run afoul of the Virginia Division of the SCV. It’s only a matter of time before all the details are aired for all to see and consider.

It’s once more a busy time for the Virginia Flaggers. After all, it is election day in Virginia, and several Flaggers have made their choice known.

Apparently the I-95 project isn't apolitical. It's not just about heritage and honoring soldiers.
Apparently the I-95 project isn’t apolitical. It’s not just about heritage and honoring soldiers.

Finally, there’s been more coverage in Richmond about the recent theft at the I-95 flagpole site. It is especially gratifying to learn that Grayson Jennings says that he would do nothing to knock over a crane used to exhibit the United States flag, even if he has trouble saying the words “United States.”

“You wouldn’t see any of us going down to downtown Richmond trying to knock the crane over with that American flag.”

My understanding is that the CBF being flown at I-95 was left untouched, so I’m not sure what Mr. Jennings’ point might be. But that’s what happens when Susan Hathaway’s no longer your spokesperson: the message gets muddled.

UPDATE: As several people have now noted (pride of place goes to Corey Meyer), the Confederate flag in the video is not the same flag that went up on September 28. I wonder what happened to the original flag.

Kevin Levin wonders why no one stopped what should have been a noisy robbery.