Another Heritage Violation?

You tell me.

slide_249995_1506676_freeHere’s the ideal chance for Susan Hathaway and Rob Walker to reconcile. Susan can march with her flag at a cemetery while Rob films it on his new cattle-prod-mounted and taser-armed camera. You know, changing hearts and minds by lying to people in a never-ending quest to restore the honor.

Yes, I know that a truly honorable and honest person would come clean and admit one’s error or deception. But that’s Confederate heritage Hathaway/Chastain style. Lie, lie, lie, and blame the damnYankee bloggers for everything … and here’s a free book about being falsely accused while you’re at it.

Chastain Book Giveaway

(It’s pretty bad when you can’t give away your e-book for free … it isn’t as if there’s an inventory problem. Maybe it’s time for new cover art).

It occurs to me that there must be advocates of Confederate heritage who are embarrassed by the Hathaway/Walker incident. We’ve seen one member of the SCV make a fool of himself in the comments section here yesterday, for example. Maybe it’s time to rename the movement embraced by Hathaway, Chastain, et al … as the Confederate Hysteria Movement.

We’re still looking for how the hand of God protects liars and frauds, Susan. I venture that the Lord does not appreciate this misuse of His presence, just as I bet He didn’t care for those burning crosses.


2 thoughts on “Another Heritage Violation?

  1. cc2001 May 14, 2013 / 9:23 am

    Time for a bit of silliness–if Hathaway marches and Walker films then Chastain must write about it:

    He thrust his prod masterfully, insistently, again and again…wanting only my surrender as I shuddered and wept. “You are mine now,” he whispered as I trembled beneath him. “You cannot run away…”

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