A Poor Piece of Reporting: Virginia’s Civil War Heritage

There’s been a rumor circulating lately in Confederate Heritage circles that there’s a plan afoot to merge the Museum of the Confederacy, the The American Civil War CenterĀ at Historic Tredegar, and the Virginia Historical Society. That rumor’s been discussed and discounted in qualified news sources.

But sometimes someone in the media slips badly. Such is the case with this report. The reporter, one Tracy Agnew, simply interviewed one person, looked at one website, and took what she read there at face value. Apparently it was too difficult for her to do anything more.

Of course, this could also present an opportunity for many of you out there to contact Ms. Agnew and tell her a tale in the knowledge that she’s not good at checking out her sources or confirming her story. One can only imagine what someone might do with that knowledge in hand.