Another Troubling Flagger Link

Well, this one looks interesting.


Susan Hathaway likes to take pictures and post them … but maybe not this one. For it may well be that parading proudly with the Flaggers, right next to Tripp Lewis,┬áis the white supremacist Matthew Heimbach (in the hat and black jacket). And there, next to Karen Cooper, is reportedly Heimbach’s friend (at least at the time), Teresa Braun. Hey, isn’t that Grayson Jennings back there?

And here are Heimbach and Braun on the same day in a photograph not taken by Susan Hathaway.

For more on Heimbach, read here.

Tripp sure looks happy to be marching next to him, doesn’t he?

We await the usual disclaimers that it’s heritage, not hate, followed by another screed from you-know-who.